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    I have never heard of that model but that's the basis of fertility friend so I'd definitely do the course! I used the techniques twice and got pregnant the first month both times!

    Great that you're already having bone broth!

    Organ meats are quite hard to get used to if you're not brought up on them, aren't they!

    Do you like pâté? My best tip is to make some chicken liver pâté (I don't has dairy so my recipe is chicken livers, coconut oil, onions and mushrooms all cooked together then blitz in the food processor to a paste). I take this to work for lunch with raw veggies - carrot, celery & sweet pepper sticks work well.

    My husband isn't keen - says it looks like cat food 😄

    I like lambs liver too but that's a stronger taste.

    I haven't managed to get brave enough to try heart yet but I saw a kebab recipe with heart and thought that might just be ok.


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      Ilythia, ya know, I actually forgot about this but we ate chicken liver when I was a kid. I actually loved it. It was dredged( I think) in flour then sautéed with onions in butter maybe. So it was kinda fried but not hard crispy. Does that make sense? I could try this just without the flour. I could probably hang with the pâté. I remember we sometimes had beef liver prepared about the same way. It wasn't too awful but it was chewier or grisly maybe. Sometimes we had chicken gizzards too. I never did care for the texture. Thanks for getting me thinking! I'm going to put chicken liver on my shopping list now.


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        Hi Angelique~

        A bit late here, but wanted to offer some articles from my blog that may be helpful:

        Optimum Fertility ~ Nutrition - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind

        Optimal Pregnancy Nutrition - Sondra Rose: Happy Mind
        Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Dragonfly, thanks so much for the links. Very interesting!!! Just what I was looking for.


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            you loss your weight, you would continue eating healthy diet, I suspect you'll continue to lose weight in pregnancy and if you're avoiding grains and refined sugar you have a good chance of avoiding GD anyway (although google Henci Goer Gestational Diabetes for another perspective on that).

            I think part of the reason it's not advised to lose lots of weight when pregnant or nursing is due to the release of toxins stored in fat. You don't want to be putting that in your baby's developing body.


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              One of the best books on Fertility I have ever come across is called 'Natural Fertility', by Francesca absolutely awesome book! GL!