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One month of keto, going Primal!

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  • One month of keto, going Primal!

    Hey guys, I'm Emily! My stats are in my signature.
    I'm a college student in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. I love birds and fossils. I am also a geek in almost every way. As an aspiring evolutionary biologist Primal makes perfect sense to me. The only reason I haven't started it years ago is because I had that all-too-common "fat is bad" attitude. I have switched from CW to reading more scientific sources. I tried a month of ketosis, but didn't lose anything after the water weight. I may be sensitive to dairy, so I am trying this month with low dairy (except butter) and adding in Mark's fitness plan. I used to be an avid calorie counter, but it causes me too much anxiety so I will attempt to take advantage of my lowered appetite to ditch the calorie counting and lower my cortisol levels.

    I have started a journal, and would love it if you would subscribe/comment:

    For those of you who would like to connect with me elsewhere, I have MFP and kik as xoemmytee and Selina_Kyle on Fitocracy.

    Thanks for tuning in!