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Not new here but have returned. it is the only way for me

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  • Not new here but have returned. it is the only way for me

    So in Summer/Fall of 2011 I went primal and rocked hit hard. Was exercising just about every day, and was taking in very few cabs. Looking good, feeling great, and lost about 30 lbs in three months. Not quite sure what caused it but I fell off the wagon. The best thing about being primal was what it did to combat my depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Once I started punishing myself by eating everything I could get my hands on again I fell into a deep hole.

    Finally last SAT I had enough and got back on my program. My wife (we work from home) asked me today why I was so wound up and I said it was the energy from being primal again.

    I have come terms with the fact that I am a carbaholic and eating them has nothing to do with actually being hungry, it has to do with my mood. I cannot eat one peanut butter cup, or a handful of Doritos. If I have a bag of either it becomes the serving size. The way I combat this is by #1 not buying the stuff I should not eat at stores. and #2 not keeping it in my house. If it is SUN and I have been good all week and I am out somewhere and I come across it I will eat it if I want to, but will not seek it out.

    I like being able to eat the same things over and over if I feel like it, and not having to worry about whether or not my next meal is good for me.

    I teach a lot of visualization and have started to put it to work here. My job puts me in front of a lot of police and military and instead of thinking about how bad I feel when I am fat, I remember the feeling of how good it felt after I lost the weight.

    For a daily reminder I use how my tactical belt fits day to day. It is Velcro and the smaller I am the more the Velcro laps over.

    The other thing that really worked for me before as someone who likes to go the opposite direction of the heard is to look at other peoples shopping carts full of carbs and sugar, and be happy that I know better.

    If for some reason you took the time to read this thanks.- George
    Modern Combative Systems Blog

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    Welcome back, George. Primal is soooooooo easy to readopt after a break. You know it works, keep at it this time.
    Annie Ups the Ante