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Bugs.....great source of Protein

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  • Bugs.....great source of Protein

    So I've been living the primal lifestyle for about 5 years and have been curious about eating bugs as a source of protein. It's common practice in Asia but in North America it's not the social norm. Has anybody eaten bugs and if so, did you like it? Does anyone know how I can safely purchase human grade bugs to eat? (that might be the strangest question I've ever asked lol)

    Let me know


    Primalnight aka Rick

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    I call lobsters "bugs". Does that count?


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      I think there are people who eat cicadas. I understand the Chinese call them "land shrimp".


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        Bugs are ok. Fun snacks, but I couldn't make a meal out of them. It takes so many!

        I've only found bugs for human consumption at the local Asian market. (Chinese water beetles, and they're frozen, and expensive.)

        If I'm cutting firewood I'll enjoy a few termites, or if I happen across some unfortunate ants in the kitchen. I used to raise mealworms for food purposes. Incredibly easy (instructions on my blog) and pretty inexpensive, but you would need huge vats to get a quantity worth making meals out of, and they would take forever to pick. BUT, with that said, a tasty snack.

        For what it's worth, if you want bugs for dinner, the ones from the ocean are as cheap and plentiful as you can get in the States.


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          Noooooo.... You can have mine

          BTW, there are many bedbugs in New York and I am sure you can get them for free. I don't know whether they are human grade or not.
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            Apparently woodlice taste like shrimp when cooked.
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              DH says for you all to hush this bug eating talk... Your giving me ideas!
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                Originally posted by dustinedan2
                Protein can help you lose weight and keep your belly full. But it's important to eat the right kind. Find out which proteins are healthy ones.
                Well, this is only one approach. Personally, I am not just an eating machine. I happen to enjoy enjoying food.


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                  Any reason for your bug eating desire? Do they provide a secret micronutrient that none of us have heard of before?
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                    Mealworms may not be certified as "human grade", but they're safe and cheaper than "human grade" options. The next move, of course, is to trap woodlice, cockroaches, snails...etc and feed them on "human friendly" foods for a few weeks, to ensure any toxins leave their system (pine wood for woodlice, grains and meat for roaches, parsley for snails...etc). Then: cook up and eat.
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                      I used to love eating ants as a little tyke. They, but it was fun. Also, worms are not that hard to get a hold of! Just be sure to squeeze the poop and dirt out of them first. Fry em up! (You know what, forget that suggestion. Don't eat earthworms. They could be polluted or full of other little bugs you DON'T want.)

                      Found this:Eating Worms: More Than Just a Juvenile Torture Device, a Way to Save the Earth
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                        I wouldn't really substitute real food with bugs.

                        A protein powder would be better in all seriousness.
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                          Bugs are great source of protein but only for animals apart from human beings. Recently I have heard that human beings prey on insects.
                          I don't know how much truth involve in this but, it is ridiculous.
                          Insects are very important part of our echo system and without then we can't survive.
                          We should think about only controlling them not killing.
                          My pest control roseville team is working on how we can control insects so that they won't hurt human beings.