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Happy to be wheat free & Paleo

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  • Happy to be wheat free & Paleo

    Hello to all,
    I have been wheat free & paleo since September 2012 and so far I went from 225lbs to 177lbs.
    I would have to say the paleo way of eating definitely works. I wasn't hungary at all and felt full after eating & often would forget about lunchtime because I wasn't hungry.
    Exercise wise I cycle moderately about 8 miles a day. Feel fit & svelte I must say.
    Funny thing about my body shape now. People are surprised and stunned at my weight loss. They ask me, 'did you loose weight Jim', while looking at my belly, which is rail thin. But then most say, 'well don't loose too much weight' as if I was already too thin.

    In today's world of overweight people a normally thin person looks out of place and causes alarm to most people. But if you look at pictures & movies of the 60's & 70's, everyone is rail this. Remember the movie
    Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman & Roy Scheider? Remember how slim Roy Scheider was? That was a common body shape back then in movies & the public. But now that slim look seems out of place in a sea of overweight people.


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    Welcome and congrats on the weight loss!


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      Men in old movies were thin but women actually had curves.
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