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    New to the forum and primal, though I've been doing a modified version of it for a while I just didn't know there was an actual Primal blueprint until recently. It's nice to know I've been on the right track. I have been self managing my various health issues which all stem from PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) which has done a number on my metabolism. Without insurance for many years it's been on me to do my own research and keep my own data (hundreds of pages). The modified version of the primal diet has been working well for me and I've dropped over 40lbs but I will be adding some additional supplements and herbs to my plan this year to help with blood glucose and better estrogen metabolism (DIM etc).

    I am also going to be starting on the Damage Control supplement pack very soon but I have a severe problem swallowing capsules. I have never been able to swallow capsules in my 40 years ... and yes I've tried different methods including pill cups and so on. I usually have always had to get liquid forms of things. I went with the Damage Control packs because they have 90% of everything I'm already taking separately (and at ideal dosages) and the cost was ideal ... I was kind of hoping it was a powder actually when I first saw the container ... I am wondering if anyone has or would recommend opening them and putting the powder in the shake? They aren't time released so as long as everything gets into my system is that ok? I'm open to any suggestions.

    I'm looking forward to getting started on my new and further researched path. I've had great success over the years on my own but I think having better "damage control" is going to greatly assist my efforts.


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    Hi Elaine, Welcome.. This is a great way of eating/living. You will learn a TON from this crowd of folks.
    I don't know about the damage control supplements, hopefully someone who is taking them will answer.
    My husband can't swallow big pills either. We cut them in half, thirds sometimes. If capsules, I put them in yogurt.

    Years ago, he was talking and eating and a piece of steak lodged in his throat, he could breathe but it wouldn't budge.
    We went to the ER, they retrieved it and told him to never eat/swallow while talking, and if it kept happening, he'd have to have his throated 'stretched'. That kinda freaked him out so he's been careful since then.

    And, hey, congrats on the weight loss..that's wonderful.


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      Thanks so much Judy for the response. I appreciate it. I emailed the Primal support and they said they don't recommend opening the capsules but that they don't see it as a problem but I was hoping someone who is actually on the full program might be able to tell me something. I am pretty sure everything in the supplement pack can be taken in a powdered or crushed form separately, I don't see why it would be an issue to open them and put them in, as you said yogurt or a protein shake .... I'm just not sure of the absorption aspect.

      Thanks you so much for the congrats Losing weight with PCOS is pretty hard but after a few years I finally found the right formula that works for me. I just need a few tweeks to my blood sugar levels for ideal results



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        Welcome Elaine. I'm glad primal is working well for you.

        It sounds like opening the capsules would be ok.
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