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  • This site is Awesome!

    So much information! Its been quite a learning experience, this past week. Thankyou Mark, you have invested a LOT into writing this site.

    Okay, 'bout me.

    I'm a 23 year old male. I feel a few decades older due to chronic illness.

    The Good:
    I quit smoking 3 months ago. Which gave me the psychological oomph to:
    Quit Junk food about 1.5 months ago, processed food, canned food, anything and everything that was plain crap.
    I gradually have been working my into more and more exercise. (Maybe too much, actually.)
    Today is day 5 of going grain free. It has been basically easier than I thought, and noticed instant improvements.
    I have a sign taped to my wall that I look at everytime I walk through the kitchen, it says: NEVER BE SICK AGAIN.
    And that is my goal.

    The Bad:
    Since about 19 I've been getting progressively sicker. The worse is a chronic headache. (Not headache(s), just one, neverending tension and pain.) I have systemic inflammation. My neck and jaw are horrible, TMJD. I'm always dizzy. There are neurological symptoms, such as disassociation. So that the world does not feel very real. On bad days, it feels like I'm basically in a dream. There's nothing real psychological about this, I'm talking about real physical symptoms here. Throw in difficulty sweating and an allergy to heat, IBS... and... you're already getting bored. Yes there is more. ANXIETY, and depression.

    More Good news: Getting my ass kicked by all this finally made me wake the hell up and realize that I had to master it on my own. I am in total control of my anxiety. Anxiety and stress, they've got nothing on me. Yes, physically I feel them. But they do not disturb my peace of mind, and they fade quickly. They are less frequent, less potent.

    After starting probiotics my IBS has improved immensely, more and more everyday.

    After starting to walk everyday, (About 2 hrs daily now, sometimes more, like 6.) My inflammation and pain has reduced. Especially since going grain free. I am not out of the woods yet. Like today, I feel physically like crap. Mentally however, I know that I just pushed my body a bit too far and need to rest. I know its probably one of the last times I will have to feel like this.

    I'm climbing out of the pits of hell (sickness, depression.) And my psychological biceps are starting to look pretty frickin ripped as a result.

    And that is a pretty condensed story. I can't wait to see what I become in the next year. I really, really cant.

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    Welcome! I'm glad you are off to a good start. Primal should continue to help you get good health. Good luck!
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    My MDA Friday success story - Stubborn Senior's Testimonial


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      I appreciate it! I think I am finally past the carb flu. Woke up feeling seriously good today!


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        You're in the right place. Stick with the PB diet but don't push the exercise until you have the extra energy to really want it. Listen very carefully to your body - although it'll be confused for a while like your mind. Please stick with it.The results are great.
        "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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          Thanks Cryptocode! I am by nature cautious, and due to neck problems have to avoid shocking my neck. Nevertheless, I'm at my best when I'm walking. I'm still finding the right balance (I take rest days when I need to. I just got done with 3.)
          I have so much energy, it's ridiculous. I am almost human again. I mean, I am almost Paleolithic human again. But I also never want to get out of bed. Hehehe.