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    Howdy! I am a lurker but am needing to get back into PB. I am a 38 yo male who started Feb of 2009. I went from 203 down to 163 in August. Stress and weakness hit me and I was back up to 188 by this Feb. Now down about 10 pounds and trying to reconnect with Grok. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Feb and have since been put on Metformin. Does anyone else take this, and if so can PB eliminate the need for meds? My fbs was 134 and I was at 6.3. I go back to Dr. Friday to see where I am.

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    I took Glyburide for the first week of the PB (right after my diabetes diagnosis), and then stopped it because I started having blood sugar crashes. I can't take Metformin. My diabetes is completely under control with PB (fbs rarely over 110; daily bg most of the time averages 85-95).

    So yes, it can be done.
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      Diabetic since 2000. As long as I am low carb I can stay off that nasty metformin. However for me that means under 80 grams of veggie/nut /berry carbs daily plus exercise


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        Great news- thank you. Follow up question- do you have a tester and if so how often do you test? Since being on metformin I haven't had a (tmi alert) solid bm, so I would love to be off of it.