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  • Hello from Country Australia

    Hi folks! I've just started reading Mark's Daily Apple over the last few days and I'm very interested in the Primal Blueprint. About to order a bunch of books from Amazon. (One small upside of the current exchange rate!)

    I've been interested in organic and wholefoods for a long time (this has been more successful in recent years with better availability), and as an adult have always selected butter, whole milk and olive oil. However I've also relied heavily on grains. When I was a vegetarian for a while I gained a lot of weight. When I was pregnant, I was having dreams about burgers!! I gave in and started eating meat again, thank goodness.

    I've recently read Michael Pollan's books and also have done a bit of reading on the Mercola website. I'm getting to the point where I'm reasonably well informed and need to really focus on putting my knowledge into practice.

    My main priority is improving my children's nutrition. While it's better than average, I've often been lazy about their eating habits. I need to put more effort in.

    I also need to get moving! Weight isn't an issue for me, as I'm generally quite active and eat moderately, but I'm very unfit.
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    Hey Helen! Welcome!

    I'm Tim, a Kiwi (but living in Singapore). Where in Aus are you? I have a few friends from country regions, maybe you know them!

    Great that you're so investigative...and yes, how about that exchange rate?!

    Don't forget "The Vegetarian Myth" :-P



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      Welcome! I lived in Perth for a year.. what a beautiful country you live in. All that kangaroo meat is as Primal as you can get. well.. aside from the fact it has no fat.

      I'm actually flying out to Brisbane next week to scope out the city.. I may be moving there in a few months!


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        Tim, I'm in western NSW.

        We have a farmers market every month which is brilliant, and also an excellent little organic/wholefood produce store, so I can get a lot of what I need without contributing to Coles and Woolworths profits.

        Danimal, Brisbane is gorgeous, you're going to love it. I lived there for a year. There's this gorgeous riverbank area in the city with a promenade, wading pools, gardens and shops, and they have markets. I love the old Queenslander houses (sadly didn't get to live in one, we had a brick box). Of all the east-coast cities I find it the most pleasant. It's sort of an overgrown country town. Though I fear the traffic is getting worse, so you have to choose your suburb carefully.


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          I live in brisbane, I love it here, hard to find some stuff though, but slowly finding everything i need, and helen are you describing southbank? also everything is getting bigger as we go. i think when we start getting too big i will have to move, i don't like the city to much. lol.


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            Hi Helen. I used to live in Northwestern NSW for a time. Its a tragedy to see the good farm land out there ruined by grain, cotton and mining.
            A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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              Yep, Southbank. We enjoyed visiting there.

              It's a waste, isn't it... you have to learn to ignore it after a while. Our town is starting to get a 'suburban sprawl'... I joke about moving to an even smaller place. I'm trying to develop a non-consumerist lifestyle as much as I can. We've managed to find a nice spot where it's country but not too far from town, lots of trees and space. Starting our vegetable garden.