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    Hi, I'm a Firefighter from England. I was told about the primal diet from a fellow Firefighter and am about to start tomorrow. I hope it does what it says on the tin!! ;-)

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    Welcome! Good luck to you! I'm only on day 6 and already seeing progress.


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      Logging has made an amazing comeback in New York State that some find disturbing. Clear-cutting forests to create farmland was standard operating procedure in New York until about 80 years ago. Until recently, there was virtually no logging industry in New York, but just as the forests have rebounded, so has logging. World-wide demand for trendy hardwoods like oak, poplar, cherry and maple has spurred.


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        Originally posted by Jonesystaffs View Post
        I hope it does what it says on the tin!!
        What are you doing eating out of a tin!!?

        A friend of mine is a firefighter in Glasgow but that doesn't make me a bad person.

        I hope that you enjoy your new lifestyle. I haven't eaten wheat for a year now, apart from Christmas Pudding, trifle and Christmas Cake over that one particular holiday.
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          Welcome to MDA! I'd also recommend CrossFit as a fitness program since you're a firefighter.
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            Hello and welcome! I am also new to the site!