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    Hi everyone.
    My name is Susan and I'm on day three I'm going cold turkey on everything bad for me. I'm am really dizzy today and my brain is totally fuzzy. I'm excited to be here though and am reading all the posts with the great support. Thanks.

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    Welcome Susan- I went cold turkey on everything as well, no booze, no soda, dairy, legumes, pasta and grains and never feel cheated. Good luck with the change and as everyone says, after about 2 weeks you feel great!


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      Cold turkey works best for some, gradual works better for others. I did the latter. Good luck. If you have too much trouble, add a bit more healthy carbs such as winter squash and yams.
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        I also jumped in straight away. However, ditching the grains and oils was more of a tweak than a real cold turkey experience - the rest of my diet was actually pretty wholesome already.

        all the best.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Hi Susan - your only 2 days behind me, today is my day 6. Yesterday was my worst day...brain fuzzy, groggy, tired, nausea. This morning I woke up expecting the same but I feel good! I also went into this cold turkey (with the exception of coffee in the morning) and I am thinking the paleo flu lasted just a couple days vs being dragged out over time because I just jumped in with both feet instead of easing into it.

          Best of luck to you!!!