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Greetings from Toronto!

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  • Greetings from Toronto!

    Hi Primal people!

    I have been at this primal way of eating for three weeks now...have seen some benefits thus far - weight drop, clearer skin, better mood, etc...

    I have been reading and researching the topic and have lots of questions to ask this intelligent and well informed community, so I thought I would sign up instead of just lurking aroud

    See you around!

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    Hello and welcome. You will not regret being a primal and signing up here. Both of your move will definitely give you positive effects.


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      @ashleybrook05 - Thanks! It's been great so far. I've noticed some of the benefits that everyone talks about already, and it's been a mere 3 weeks! I plan on sticking with this one for the long haul


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        Hello to a fellow Torontonian! Congratulations on your success!


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          Thanks! Nice to meet someone from the area Have you sourced any local beef thus far? I've been looking around and there are options in Southern Ontario...just wodering if you would have any reccomendations?


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            I haven't to be perfectly honest! I just buy most of my meat from Whole Foods or organically at grocery stores like Longos etc... I know it's not the best thing but most of the farms are pretty far away!

            I'm not sure if you've seen this website yet but it's quite useful if you want to know some of your options! Eat Wild - Canada