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  • hey!

    I've been peeking around here the last few days and just decided to join. I'm 31, mom to 4 ages 2-12, and I want to be healthy. Mark just makes sense to me, so I've decided to go primal. I wanna be a hot primal mom like Wilma (haha) but most important, a healthy mom that can outlast the kiddos. I started yesterday and so far so good. I had a little head start giving up sugar going on 3 weeks ago. I was a heavy soda drinker (curse you happy hour!). I hate artificial sweeteners and it's very rare that I consume alcohol, so those will be a piece of cake. But oh how I've loved sweets and homemade bread. I think I'll be ok though. I hope. I've seen some warm and awesome people around here and hope to fit in quickly. Here's to a happier healthier life!

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    Hey! -Welcome! I too have just started this program and so far I haven't really missed anything.
    Enjoy the journey!!!


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      Thanks, and best wishes to you too!


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        Welcome, I'm also a mother, I have a 2 y/o daughter. I'm going primal because I also want to become a hot mother and healthy as well. I want my to convince my husband to go primal, he eats what ever he wants to eat but he still have a decent body since he's a former school athlete but he still continue to play ball and jog three times a week.


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          Hi Ashley! My husband is the same. He eats whatever he wants and seems to lose weight so much easier than me. He isn't an athlete but his job keeps him busy squatting, lifting, bending and walking. He is overweight but since last May when he started this job he has lost 50 lbs not changing a thing about his eating.

          Is your little one a picky eater? My 2 year old is. She has to have ketchup on about everything. I hate ketchup. But she won't eat without it (unless it's fruit).

          Good luck on getting fit, healthy and hot!


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            Thank you! Back at ya.