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  • Hello from Virginia

    Hi, my name's Laurel and I'm from Christiansburg, Virginia
    I'm 43 years old
    I'm extremely Primal, I have a thyroid condition that prevents me from eating many foods.
    I eat primarily meat and fat and whatever appetite I have left is for vegetables.
    I am gluten free, grain free, dairy free
    I am sugar free, that includes honey and other Natural sweeteners
    Because of my hypoglycemia I don't eat fruit or high glycemic vegetables
    I love dairy, if I could consume it I would but my thyroid won't let me
    I cannot have any stimulants of any kind. That includes coffee and tea
    My treats to myself occasionally are herbal teas and sparkling water
    I tried all manner of treatments to help me recover from this thyroid problem but it wasn't until I changed my diet that I saw the most dramatic improvements in my health
    I still haven't recovered enough of my energy to exercise yet
    I LOVE FAT! And the thing is that I've lost weight and that wasn't my intention. I certainly didn't feel like I was depriving myself and the weight just melted off. I can't correctly convey how pleasantly surprised I was. And I eat a lot of fat, go figure.
    The best part about being primal is having more energy than I did before. Getting ones health back is priceless.
    There is no worst part about being primal. I don't have attachments to foods like normal people do so eating this way is fine for me.

    Laurel Munz

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    Welcome Laurel! Sounds like primal is working well for you.
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      Hello Laurel,

      I'm also in Virginia. Glad Primal is working for you.
      I'm still adjusting a bit, but I'm liking it too. Still trying to find the right balance when it comes to fat. I don't really love greasy things, especially if it's a meat dish.


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        thank you. yes, not only does eating primal make sense to me but my body's positive response is the real test.


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          Where at in Virginia?
          It's to bad you don't care for fat, I'm sorry you have to struggle with that. I took to it right away and wonder now how I ever lived without it. I think it's the most delicious part of the meal. I wish you good luck.


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            Thank you. I see you are from China. A different nationality living in China or Chinese living in China?


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              Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, I just have to figure out what works for me. :-)
              I totally agree that getting one's health back is priceless. I'm glad to have lot a little bit of weight, but the biggest difference is how much lighter I feel. Like walking a distance more than a few blocks isn't so much of a chore anymore.