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  • following primal, helping others do the same

    Hey hey how is everyone

    My name is Scott and from 2009-2011 managed to lose over 70 lbs, and over the course of those 2 years, discovered and ate what is now considered the primal diet (but i didn't know it at the time).

    I remember when I started learning the primal way of eating, what I originally was looking for was a diet for skincare (had horrible acne at the time, constant breakouts, no meds at all were helping). I had tried on my own to eat just meats and veggies, to cut out ALL sugars from my diet, because that is what i had believed to cause my breakouts. While it did reduce my breakouts, I still managed to have a few breakouts, and the cravings from no sugar whatsoever was too much. eating like this did help me learn to eat cleaner though, as the next time i ate a piece of white bread, it tasted sweet almost like candy. I discovered during all of this though that eating like this, i was cutting weight at a good pace. I was rather surprised by this, and took this knowledge with me for losing more weight in the future (I was still focused on skincare).

    So after that, I scoured the internet for a while looking for another diet or idea I could try, and I found what was called the WAI diet. It was, in short, a raw foods diet that stated you could get the necessary nutrients through fruits, nuts, raw eggs, and raw fish (sushi meat). the basic premise was that cooking foods modified the cells of the food, and in turn caused acne. since i'm allergic to seafood i couldn't do the sushi part, but dammit i was going to try the diet anyway. Let me tell you it worked like a charm. so long as i followed this diet I lost weight, and my skin was incredibly clean. I ate the raw egg yolks, fruits throughout the day (this included tomato cucumber avacado salad) and raw nuts as a snack. my weight dropped significantly, energy was high up there, and skin was clear. this is when i dropped the most weight. The only drawback I had was when it was time for lifting weights, my muscle endurance was fairly low, and I felt a little weak. It didn't feel that I was weaker per se (still doing the same weights), but my rep count would get lower during my 2nd and 3rd sets, so for example an exercise instead of doing 12-10-8 reps or so, i was doing 12-6-2. to me this was a minor drawback as i was seeing the results I wanted. The diet felt good, but maybe a bit extreme for the long term (boring after a while).

    Remembering before where i was able to lose weight doing the meats and veggies, I decided to mix the two together as a diet and here I am. Fruits, veggies, meats, and nuts. my workouts are back to normal, and I have a few minor breakouts, but nothing that even remotely bothers me.

    So 2012 was more of a maintenance year and first physical year of my life. did my first 5k at the end of 2011. did a bootcamp at the beginning of 2012, my first half-marathon march 2012 (twisted my ankle, but walked the rest). and then a tough mudder in october near Austin tx (got sick for several weeks afterwards). got a girlfriend then fell off the diet a little bit. it seemed the grains and addictive qualities of sugar got a hold of me during that time up until christmas.

    Switch gears into 2013 and I am now back on the diet that i love best (and our ancestors!) and am close to where i was weight wise, and I am now working on helping others lose weight and getting them on this type of eating habit as well. It's been a slow process, but i have been getting others to eat this way and they have started seeing results of weight loss. I have also developed exercise routines for some people and am hoping that with a little work I (we) can fix some of their long time issues that have been plaguing them (pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems, cholesterol issues).

    I am also working to develop some exercises and routines that can be done outside instead of a gym, and that both strengthen and support day to day movements to help me and my friends to be stronger from one day to the next.

    This website has proven to be a great source for helping me work with others and get them in line with the idea of eating this way, and most importantly cutting out the grains. I've learned it is better translated and understood as "processed foods".

    I wish the best of luck of anyone who is new to following the PB, and look forward to meeting new people!

    Your location: southeast texas

    Age (If you want): 27

    How Primal are you: caveman

    Do you consume dairy: no

    Do you drink coffee or tea: no

    Motivator for switching to Primal: it works

    Favorite exercise: too many to choose from

    Favorite Primal food: my fruits

    Best part about being Primal: you feel awesome, you feel like you

    Worst part about being Primal: no such thing
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    Welcome Scott! It's great that primal is working so well for you.
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