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I am finally got the nerve to write my first post...can you guide me?

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    Hi Jenn
    Just a little note from my personal experience. When I started Primal, I was doing some intense swimming, and enjoying my apple + banana after the swim... oh, and maybe a little dark chocolate... and... and...

    I had no change on weight for 4 months, although I was eating plenty of the right stuff. Just those few items of fruit, and treats, were enough to keep me from dipping into ketosis, so I never lost any weight.

    Decided to be more radical in January - max of 1 item of fruit per day, and none if I'd had anything I knew had "too much" carbs in during the day. After 3 weeks, my girlfriend reported bad breath... I've never cheered bad breath more! I was in ketosis.

    The weight then started really coming off. From 3rd week of Jan, I've lost 10lbs. Interestingly my endurance has now *increased*. The carb-loading for my swimming was enough to stop my body converting over to fat-burning chemistry. Now I've got into ketosis properly, I swim on the energy my body derives from food, and then its own fat stores.

    It is noticeably sensitive though. One day's indulgence costs me about 3 days of no progress. This week, with some nights out etc. has not been a good one (only 1lb lost). I'll be back on track next week.

    Keep at it. Maybe shrink the size of your goals... I tend to only aim for goals about 3-4lbs away. Makes me feel I'm making progress even if I've only lost 1lb... heck, that's 1/4 of the way to the next goal

    My current goal is for me a biggie... I need to lose 2lbs to reach a BMI of < 30. I will cease to be officially "obese". Looking forward to posting a success next week... and setting a new goal.

    Great to hear of your progress. Keep going, and keep asking questions.

    Embracing my inner Caveman since Sept 2012
    Age: 45. Height: 5'9". PW: 234. SW: 215
    Start BMI: 31.9 (if include "bigbone" 10% allowance: 28.7)
    Start Waist: 40in

    CW [06/Aug/13]: 198lbs. Current Waist: 36in. BF%: 19.6%. Various Calcs
    BMI: 29.2/26.3 BF%: 16.45% Naval Research BF Method


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      Hi Annie,
      Boy am I behind on these posts. The weekend has gotten away with me. I am still drinking coffee. I thought the habit passed but it didn't and my weakness came back. I am trying not to be too hard on myself. Thanks for the receipes as I find this information invaluable. I have gotten back on track and it feels good. scale is down 6 pounds and moving.

      Thanks for giving me the support and staying in touch.

      Hugs and Peace,


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        Hi Tiger Beard,
        Thanks for the post and I definteiyl can relate. I eat so many carbs after swimming it is nuts. I just can't stop myself. Since backing off from the swimming I am doing better but my exercise isn't much. I just can't get into the exercise without eating like nuts. I backed off from walking 4 miles 4 times a week. I find when my diet is in check I hardly exercise and I lose when I ramp up the exercise I gain. I have about 65 pounds to lose to where I would feel comfy and then I want to get down to 133 from 150. I am 215 now. The weight is just killing me slowly. I have a number of health issues due to it and I want to lose this weight rather quickly and am having a very hard time.

        I agree with smaller goals and I have taken your advice. I will be happy if I can get down to 200 in 4 weeks.

        Honestly, I am wondering how long it will take to lsoe 65 pounds. I haven't found the right equation and it is driving me nuts and I easily get overwhlemed with all the info out there and just don't trust myself to find that answer.

        The questions will come and again thanks for the support.



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          Jenn, 6lbs down - woohoo! Keep it up.

          There is no race here, every good primal meal is one more step on your path to health and vitality. The weight loss will come naturally.

          PS What are you eating for breakfast? I find it's the best way to "prime" me for good eating each day.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            I am eating eggs and bacon and sausage. I am still eating carbs though like animal crackers or chic covered pretzels. Ugh!!

            I know I need to eat more. I need to lose this weight...ah, the pressure.


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              Hi Jenn, eggs and bacon make a great breakfast, don't they?

              I hope you can find a primal snack that has something worthwhile to offer your body rather than the crackers or pretzels which are not only made of grains but probably also full of processed oils and undesirable additives.

              Piece of fruit? Slices of fresh crunchy apple with almond butter? Cucumber slices with avocado? A few nuts and a couple of squares of dark chocolate? For saltiness, olives or feta. There really are many options, but sometimes we have to break out of our usual mindset to discover them.
              Annie Ups the Ante


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                Yep...gotta get better. The problem is bringing it into the house. How do you get around not having junk at home? I know...don't buy it but I do and so does my hubby. Any suggestions how to separate?

                Love those snack options. Will start on this today. What about alcohol? Also, I thought dairy wasn't part of paleo?



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                  Happy primal snacking, Jenn

                  Wholesome dairy is ok on Primal as far as I can tell - real butter, full cream, whole organic milk, yoghurt and cheese. I think this is one of the key differences to paleo. There are alternatives if you are allergic, but I'm not so I love to include it. It's high in calories so I kept to moderate quantities during weight loss phase, otherwise it's a great source of nutrition for me.

                  Alcohol holds no appeal for me, I have never liked it, so that is one issue I have not had to face. I gather a glass of red wine is ok with this programme, or you could use your 20% to cover it. I think it likely to derail your best efforts, but maybe others can indicate how they deal with this one.

                  I have assigned a shelf in the pantry for my husband's non-primal products, it is above my line of vision, which is all the better and I just regard it as out of bounds to me. The same with my daughter's "treat box" which lives in the fridge and where we put her lollies, cake and things that you would be surprised people load her up with, and I also stock it with baking for her school lunches and after school snacks.

                  As for shopping, well only you can stop yourself putting the junk into your trolley and forking out good money for it. Why not seek out some primal luxury items to spend your money on instead and enjoy them guilt-free.

                  After a while, you won't need to trick yourself, because you will truly prefer your primal goodies to almost any processed junk. Good luck.
                  Annie Ups the Ante