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Long time lurker.. taking the plunge!

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  • Long time lurker.. taking the plunge!

    Hi all - 32 yo female.. moved from NY to CT about a year ago. Taking the primal dive. Have done great with low carb on/off over the years maintained BMI 23-25 effortlessly. Looking to get back to healthy BMI (presently around 30 last time i weighed in :/ but trying to kill the scale addiction). Went off into the raw vegan route 2 years ago and suffered health wise as a consequence, visited some Matt Stone stuff, now my metabolism is in better shape where I can digest anything pretty well... mostly looking to drop the #'s that i gained and look at this as a short term blip since I was healthy BMI almost all of my life. Some of my goals: slim down for health and to fit into a good 75% of my clothes again, keep the carbs on the lower side but not get too crazy, keep the metabolism fired up without letting cals get too low, eat whole foods in balance (i like that paleo focuses on 'real' food as i am sick of all the refined junk i consumed), drink less alcohol but..... in all honesty really want to lose some #'s (so vain) and look like me again w/o all this "extra" padding.

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    Haha. I am so digging this because I'm very serious about fitting into my old clothes again too!!

    I'm actually exploring raw veganism as a sideline in order to get some recipes for fresh fruits and veggies. I'm good with meat and eggs, but I really want to focus on eating my greens, too. (But these people are crazy. Sorry, girl.)

    The whole foods thing is really solid- I find it takes longer to prepare food, but it tastes better and I feel so much better than I did!

    It's nice to meet you, welcome to being a grokstar!


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      Hi wildthing! Yay so excited to be a "grokstar" ;D So far so good- feeling great already. Yes- I soo can't wait to fit back into all my cute clothes again ! There are some great raw recipes - but I will never just exist on produce again... it can be good for a short term cleanse for some, but yes- these people ARE crazy lol. The whole / real food focus i think is key. I went from both extremes- all produce, and then lots of processed stuff to help my metabolism which worked- but i felt like crap. Now Im feeling better already on "real" food. Cheers to fitting in our clothes again lol!