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Anyone in NYC?

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  • Anyone in NYC?

    Or Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx, for that matter?

    Where you shopping?
    Right now I'm getting some stuff from a local butcher here in Bushwick and FreshDirect, and I'm going to start ordering speciality stuff (like coconut oil and supplements) from Amazon because dang, Elm's Health is expensive and I am not waiting in line for an hour at Trader Joes. I get jealous of these posters who can buy meat (or anything) in bulk.

    This is embarrassing, but anyone having issues learning how to actually cook (the ads on the subway for seamless don't oven was basically Manhattan Mini Storage.) I also need to start packing my lunch and stop going to the deli for a 12.00 salad.

    So. Anyone else from New York?

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    If you have the time during the week TJs in Cobble Hill isn't too crazy. I have never waited in line longer than 5 minutes. We get our coconut oil, fish, and butter from there. Oh, and olive oil potato chips because I LOVE them. We do order from FD. We get liverwurst (Flying Pigs Farm under local) and pastured eggs from there when we don't feel like making a trip to the farmers market or can't. During the warmer months we try to get almost all of our produce from the farmers markets as well. Both Union Square and the one in Brooklyn Heights. Union Square seems to be a little more expensive than the ones closer to us. CSAs are also a good option if you have the cash. I know a lot of people have been really pleased with their CSAs.

    We get our meat occasionally from The Meat Hook which we love. Most of what we buy we try to buy local, but I'm a student and my husband is the one who works so EVERYTHING grass-fed isn't financially feasible right now. We can get goat meat at our local grocery store and just try to buy organic when we don't buy local. FD sells local meats and I will buy them when they go on sale. Their stew meat goes on sale pretty regularly.


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      I live in NYC. I will agree that the line for Cobble Hill TJ isn't as bad as it looks (last week I had to wait outside for ten mins at 3:30pm before even going in--but the line moves), but the parking and traffic around there are brutal pretty much all day.

      Have you checked out Tropical Traditions? They have free shipping today (coconut products). I'm not sure what the opinion of the company is here (this is my very first post) but I understand they have good quality items and you can buy vats (for free shipping occasionally). I otherwise buy my coconut oil on Amazon. I use the subscribe and save option to buy a couple big jars at a time.

      I used to be part of a meat co-op in Windsor Terrace. The meat came from upstate and was reasonably priced. The same woman sold yummy eggs as well. However, her farm was hurt really badly by the drought last summer. she had to suspend the co-op and wasn't sure if she'd be able to keep her farm at all. That said, I'd imagine there are meat co-ops in your hood. Ask on a community board. That's how I found mine. I'm about to do the same for raw milk.

      And ditto about farmers's markets. There are several open year-round near me (Grand Army, Ditmas, Cobble Hill) and probably near you, too. Yesterday at Ditmas the salesperson offered me a discount if I bought more than one lb of ground beef at a time.

      As for cooking, buy a cast iron pan and a decent meat thermometer and move on from there.
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        Cobble Hill? Really? I will check it out.

        I love the Grand Army market! It's so much easier to navigate than US, and cheaper I think.

        Tropical Traditions I will have to check out.

        FD stew meats are a huge part of my diet. Have you tried their lamb? Also their liver is really good.

        Nice to meet some neighbors