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  • Hello from a newbie!

    My dear, sweet girlfriend and family have been living "primal" for about a year now and I've kind of brushed it off. Then last weekend I was in bed with a 101 degree, for the fifth time this winter and I decided to do a little research.

    I will admit, I'am in it for the idea that I can finally rid myself of these crappy "seasonal" allergies that have progressed to asthma attacks and all year sniffles. I've been working out and losing the last of the baby weight slowly (although she is 18 months now). Also we still nurse so I am not wanting to be on a crazy diet.

    I have never enjoyed potatoes, don't like rice, but have been sucked into the ease of wheat after I started having kids. I have always gone for the "full fat" options, just because it seems to make more sense. Grandma taught me well.

    Over my ten year stretch as a mother, I've gone from a "maybe some bread with dinner", to a person who eats some form of wheat at every meal, and snack. I'am always tired, and can't eat sugar as it causes crazy low blood sugar crashes.

    I'am on day five of "baby primal" just no candy (which is not that odd for me) and no wheat, which is harder but I'am doing it.

    I've lost 1" off my belly and hips, and 1/2" off my thighs. I put my kids on the diet, but they are sneaking bread when they find it. The bread will be gone soon. The kids are in such better moods, I'am loving it :-) And my energy has miraculously returned.

    Anyway, cheers! No idea yet about allergies, still need to kick this cold but I am hopeful.

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    Welcome! Sounds like you have a great support system at home.
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