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Update from February Blood Donation

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  • Update from February Blood Donation

    Greetings -

    Progress update as of 2/18 (began 21 day challenge 9/10/12):

    Weight loss has slowed, but my overall body comp continues to improve; 40 lbs lost since beginning.

    I donated blood last thursday; generic total cholestrol count was 190 (previously 230)

    Pulse - 50
    BP - 109/71

    These are great numbers for me! I'm following the Primal Fitness work out a few days a week, walking the dogs when weather permits and running 4 - 6 miles per week.

    I had my doubts about 80% of my health being controlled by diet - no doubts now!

    My past experience has been working my butt off at the gym and track with little gain. Now I'm feeling great, working out less and hitting my goals.