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Help I'm surrounded by Corn.

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  • Help I'm surrounded by Corn.

    Okay so there isn't any corn or beans around me right now but soon it will be a quick bike ride out of the City to every kind of grain imaginable.

    I met a very nice cardiologist who I'd just as soon never see again. Decided I wanted to bring my BP and Blood Sugar down as I have no interest in a future of insulin dependence or BP medication. Weight seemed the nexus but examining the PB it goes much deeper than just weight.

    November of 2012 I already had many PB laws incorporated: eschew most "carbs for carbs sake" stuff as well as lifting heavy things (lifting). Probably by PB standards my cycling to work was over the limit a bit. Stumbling on the Apple (in an attempt to optimize my strength training macros) I have gained a great respect for our body's ability to find homeostasis even when being bombarded by crappy food.

    Maybe my workouts are over-the-top but keeping my carbs limited well below 150g it seems I have to eat constantly and the weight still drops off. I'm sure as I incorporate more PB stuff like dropping the beans and Peanut Butter I will make even better gains (losses?)