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  • Greetings all

    I have been dabbling in alternative nutrition for a long, long time. I've done everything from vegan to raw vegan to grain free to you name it.

    Most recently I have been grain free and so far it appears to be the most successful strategy ever. I believe that living with damaged intestinal function due to lectin attack on the digestive tissues is responsible for an entire array of disorders up to and including poor nutritional absorption.

    With the healing of the digestive tract I beleive we open new doors to standards and nutritional measurments that are simply unobtainable until this one very imprtant step has been taken.



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    Welcome JO!
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      Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
      Welcome JO!
      After several months of grain free living I have experienced health benefits that I never might have guessed prior to this trial.

      There is no question in my mind that there is a digestion revolution going on in my stomach and digestive tract.

      Even on the Vegan diets I would experience mid section discomfort and bloating and always wondered what the hell I was doing wrong. Little did I know that every serving of grain food was slowly but surely disolving the walls of my digestive tract while active anti-nutrients made it impossible for me to absorb the benefit of the nutrition I thought I was getting but apparently was not. In short I was starving to death even though I was eating well.

      For the first time in years I feel fed. I feel satisfied. I feel comfortable and even sleek in the middle. There has been a marked difference in my digestive functions and I expect that this will only improve with time.

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