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Pregnant! Trying Primal! Encourage me!!!!

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  • Pregnant! Trying Primal! Encourage me!!!!

    Hi all,

    I was introduced to MDA over the summer and I've been gluten free since reading Wheat Belly in September. I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and finally getting over the icky 1st trimester. This is my second baby.

    I had a rough time the last month and half and just need some help and encouragement. I've been dog-tired and my exercise has been poor to say the least. My body has been protesting veggies so I've resorted to drinking V-8 Fusion just to make sure I get SOMETHING that is vegetable-like. I can't eat tomatoes in any kind of sauce form, and only today was I able to eat eggs and sausage without feeling like I was going to die. Bacon has been my worst enemy of late. The thought of fish makes my stomach turn.

    I've been craving (and giving in to) tortillas and whole wheat bread, and the stomach aches have been awful. But I was literally feeling like I was going to die if I didn't eat any bread. Thankfully, that is all passing and I'm not craving it with the same intensity as I was. I can definitely block it out.

    I just really feel that I've fallen off the bandwagon and I'm struggling to get back on. I don't feel well, and not just because I'm pregnant. I can tell I haven't been eating well. I hope that it will get better from here on out. Just need a little encouragement and any ideas on tricking my body back in to veggies without having to drink V-8.

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    Eating real food is the best you can do for your baby. But it will be difficult for you: pregnancy is a big change for your body + switching over to new way of eating. Maybe at least one thing do slowly. And the one you can do at your pace is the PB. I started gradually and did not have any "carb flu", just after some time realized that my tasty oatmeal is not tasty any more and that my cookie with afternoon coffee tastes good but gives me stomach pain, etc. The same with my daughter - she did not like eggs, very little bacon, now its her favourite. Tastes change.


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      You may want to try potatoes and gluten-free "breads" if wheat upsets your stomach.

      If you can stand liver paté, it will get you a lot of vitamins that you would otherwise get via veggies.

      I wrote a guest blog post on eating Primal while Pregnant and also have more articles on my blog that may be helpful. See the links in my signature.
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        nooooooo don't eat meat and veggies and fruit you'll explooooooode
        yeah you are

        Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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          Remember to take your vituhmins. Supplement with fish oil daily if you don't eat a lot of fish. You gonna have the biggest brained baybay in the weirld.


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            Listen to your body, then try to work out what it really means - craving bread and stuff, would a load of other carbs like fruit do-ya? Your cravings will have a reason, if you can meet them without resorting to something that makes you ill then awsome
            You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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              Thanks everyone! It was amazing - once I hit the 12 week mark the cravings for bread were gone! I've now been eating straight primal for a little over a week and feel amazing. I even have energy to go on my runs (which I love, don't judge!). Thanks for the encouragement!