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  • Hello!

    Hi, everyone! I've been lurking on this board for a while, and I thought I might register and start participating in the discussions. I've been primal for about six weeks now, and I really love it. A friend of mine mentioned going paleo to me around the New Year, and after being on Weight Watchers forever, I was ready for a change. I read the books and it was pretty life changing for me. After years of starving myself, doing intense chronic cardio, but then barely losing a pound, finding primal has been truly revelatory. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community!

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    Welcome! I'm glad you are off to a good start.
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      Welcome to another convert. Please share some of your new primal experience.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        So far, it's been absolutely amazing. I want to cry tears of joy every time I step on the scale every week and see another pound effortlessly melted off. To give you an idea of how difficult it was for me to lose weight, two years ago I had to go on a severe allergy elimination diet while breastfeeding my first child. Her gut was really destroyed, and I had to give up dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, wheat, gluten, fish, and shellfish. I ate tons of beans and rice! At the same time I was breastfeeding, starving on a diet of beans and rice, I was also training for a half marathon. Even with breastfeeding and training and barely eating anything, I couldn't lose a pound. In the past six weeks, I've lost seven pounds and have never been hungry (well, except when I had PMS!), and have only done light, enjoyable workouts at the gym. I've also always had problems with hypoglycemia, literally having panic attacks if I didn't have a granola bar in my purse to save me from the crashes. Now, I can skip lunch and just be a normal person. I never really understood why I seemed so different from other people. Other folks would say, "Oh, well, I just started walking and lost 50 lbs!" I feel like I worked so hard and ate really "healthy." I had given up SAD, processed foods long ago, but I was still a granola bar junky. All that wheat was holding me back! Now, I feel like I'm finally transforming into the person I always wanted to be: thinner, yes, but fundamentally, more balanced mentally and emotionally. And physically, as well. I don't have to workout at the gym for two hours to see the scale move. I just have to eat a hard boiled egg and take a walk with my kids!

        Sorry, for the novel. It's nice to gush a little about how much I love this lifestyle. Everyone around me is a bit sick of it, I think!


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          I love your story! Welcome, and congrats on the results you've seen so far!
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            It's great isn't it! Getting on those scales and watching the weight drop away.

            Look forward to seeing you around MDA more.

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              Fabulous transformation. Great to have you here.
              Annie Ups the Ante