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Semi-New to Paleo/Primal but new to forum

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  • Semi-New to Paleo/Primal but new to forum

    Hey everyone! I have been paleo/primal for about 8 months or so and loving it! I am struggling with getting my long-term boyfriend on board though. We live together and he seems to fight me at every turn. I have been trying to lead by silent example for the past while since I have been getting visible results. I would love any advice anyone can give me?! Thanks, Ellie

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    Welcome Ellie. I am glad you are loving your new way of eating and the results it is giving you.

    As for helping your man get on board, might I suggest being sneaky about it. My husband seems to me to be completely uninterested in learning about nutrition for the good of his health, despite some glaringly poor blood test results and the fact that last year's clothes don't fit.

    Yet, he is also contented enough to eat what I put in front of him (and why wouldn't anyone when it is so delicious, it's not like he's going to go raid the pantry for something else, especially when it's not there anyway,lol).

    I have noticed improvements such as less snoring, better digestion, and I think his skin looks healthier, even though I would say he's only about 50% primal. I would love for him to get on board fully but meanwhile I just keep cooking a primal dinner, packing leftovers for his lunch, and "accidentally" running out of bread. I have changed to buying fullfat milk, mix his too-sweet yoghurt with fullfat greek yoghurt and add nuts and coconut to his muesli while he is not watching. I try to fill him up on good primal food so that he feels no need to search for anything else, but it's difficult at times. I'm trying to think of more things I can do, short of asking him not to eat sugar, bread, coke etc. so I will look to see what other replies you get.

    I am more than happy to do the cooking in order to see him eating well.
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      You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink.

      My boyfriend and I have been together for over 9 years, but I will never force him into anything especially when it comes to food unless he is knocking on death's door. He is very picky and is definitely a pasta, pizza, grilled cheese kind of guy! I, as you said, lead by silent example.

      I only cook wheat-free and soy-free foods at home, mostly primal, and if he feels the need for pasta or garlic bread with his meal, he's more than welcome to make his own side dish! For instance, last night I made chicken breasts stuffed with swiss cheese and basted in home-made honey mustard, and a huge freaking salad with home-made dressing on the side. He wanted more and felt it was incomplete without something starchy, so he toasted a piece of bread and put some butter on it to have on the side. Some days I will simply say, "Listen, I'm making [food he hates] for myself for dinner... so you're on your own." On those days he goes to his stash of canned chili or canned Chef Boyardee, or sometimes just makes a grilled cheese sandwich or something. It's up to him if he wants to eat what I serve, and if not, he's a big boy and can make his own meal. (I should also mention that I do 99% of the cooking in our household, so I do hold the power of what gets served every day!)

      Not everyone likes being preached to about what they need and don't need to eat, so pick your battles!


      He does eat MUCH less pasta, bread, etc. than he used to! Sure, he still has cereal for breakfast, but back when I was vegan we would eat home-made pizza, pasta dishes, grilled "cheese", faux meats full of gluten, soy products, etc. Now we probably eat 1/100th of that stuff than what we're used to! He's definitely seeing results anyway, despite the fact that he still isn't primal - he sleeps better, gets sick far less often, and is finding that his fitness level is improving!

      Anyway... welcome!
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        Welcome! I'm new here myself. I can't imagine a better approach than you are already taking. I have the same problem with my husband, and can only hope that one day he'll realize, or take an interest in reading up on it. For now he thinks I'm clogging his arteries. Tonight he picked the bacon out of his broccoli. My fridge is packed with leftovers that I take for lunch every day, but he insists he is better off having a sandwich and sun chips for lunch. He won't listen to any of it, as I have lost all credibility after preaching to my family for years that they need to eat heart healthy grains and low fat. Can you blame him?