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  • Sibo and yeast

    Hey all. I'm new here. I've been miserable for 6 months. Many gi drs that gave me meds for my newly developed acid reflux and bloating. I developed it 6 months ago. I got an upper scope done, found nothing but a less than 1cm hiata hernia and mild gastritis. Anyway I got put on xifaran for a few weeks and a drink that made me poop for 24 hours. Still had bloating yet my reflux got a little better. Started doing research on my own and finally got tested for yeast and bad bacteria. I had a mild yeast overgrowth and alot of bad bacteria. I decided to go the Naturapath way since antibiotics are the reason I'm here. Many many Doses of antibiotics for two years. It's been two months on antifungals and I had bad die off for one week so I knew I wasn't crazy. Also been eating meat, eggs, veggies and coconut bread, etc. candida diet pretty much. Has anyone on here gone the natural way? I was givin a year time table. But I'm so stressed, my symptoms are mild reflux and still bad bloating no matter what I eat. I'm 5 10 134 pound male with bloating, it's embarrassing am im a athlete which makes matters worse. Please any advice or success stories. Why bloating still being on treatment for two months?? Thanks everyone