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Hello from Canada!

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  • Hello from Canada!

    Hey all,

    I've been a lurker to this blog / forum for a while now, but figured I would start participating.

    I'm from Alberta, Canada and I started my tentative primalish journey of Fall 2011 after I found myself nearly 30 lbs overweight and gaining fast. I'm rather short and petite boned (I look lean and healthy at 100 lbs), so 30 lbs on my frame made me look overly fleshy. Mainly surviving on fast food and occasionally out-eating my husband (chronic binge eater over here!), I was on a fast track to a very unhealthy lifestyle. I had always been thin and active growing up, with a lightening quick metabolism that burned up anything I ate, so dieting had never been something I felt I needed. Until I stopped being a teenager, stopped moving around so much, gained some unhealthy food habits and let the comforts of marriage consume me ( or me consume them rather).

    I decided that I wanted to be healthy again, not just to lose weight, but to prevent disease and just have a better quality of life in general. My mother had always been into a sort of self-designed hunter/gatherer diet with great success, so I decided to cut my carbs down, deriving them mainly from my fruits/veg/dairy and eliminating as much processed food as I could. I had almost instant results and was down to 135 lbs by the end of December 2011.

    I had hit a bit of a plateau in winter/spring 2012, gaining some, losing some, but not really moving from 135 lbs. After reading this blog extensively and downloading PBP onto my Kobo for some bedtime reading, I was convinced that this WOE was the way to go to achieve ultimate health and weight maintenance benefits. In Sept 2012, I made the full jump, finally cutting out the diet sodas and Splenda I was so addicted to. I also lowered my dairy intake, started IFing,as well as sprinting, walking, playing and lifting heavy things. In the two months following, I dropped two jean sizes and 15 lbs. I gained muscle and energy and have been able to lift weights I never thought possible! I now only have 5 more pounds to go before I hit my goal weight, but I feel no need to rush and just enjoy the journey. Definitely happy to have found such an enjoyable way to live! As long as I have meat and bacon and dark chocolate, I can eat like this forever!

    (sorry for the book!)

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    Hello from Edmonton!

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      Hiya from Toon Town!


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        Hello back (from Calgary!)


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          Hello from Edmonton! I'm pretty new to these boards as well. Nice to see some more Canadians here.
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            Not just Canadians, lots from Alberta too it seems.

            "It's a great life, if you don't weaken.". John Buchan


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              Calgary here as well

              Any sharing suggestions on grassfed beef here?