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8 days Primal and needing some feedback

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  • 8 days Primal and needing some feedback

    My name is Kelly,

    Tired of being overweight and needing to drop about 45 lbs. I decided to go Primal. Let me start by saying that I do feel better and I have very little to no cravings for sweets and that is BIG for me. I have been able to stay away from the hidden chocolate and the sweets my husband is eating in front of me. I'm amazed it hasn't bothered me at all. I am needed some input on what to expect, what is normal. I've been reading the feedback of others and haven't found anything to help me.

    In my first 5 days in I lost 3.8 lbs. Day 6: up .4 and Day 7: up .1
    I thought maybe I was eating too much bacon and it was sodium causing the increase. Yesterday I cut down on the bacon and increased my veggies, changed bacon for chicken and cut down on the amount of cheese I was eating. Am I on the right track?
    I also read about people feeling they don't have the need to eat. I still am wanting to eat 3 meals, but the time in between and increased. Am I not getting enough protein?

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions and comments.

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    I think you're doing fine, you're reporting good progress for less than 2 weeks. Don't start getting too antsy yet. That said, it's a good strategy to up your protein and drop the bacon/cheese - they're fine as random indulgences, but getting too many calories from either on a daily basis while you're in this transitional period is not recommended.

    I eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and still get hungry around those times. I did feel like I needed to eat less when I ate lower carb, and you will likely experience that as well, but that probably won't happen for another week or two - everybody is different in this regard. Enjoy the process, and congratulate yourself on what you've accomplished so far. It's pretty big not to have sweet cravings already, so try to relax. If you can squeeze some walking time into your life, do so - not for any magical weight loss, but because a good walk will do good things for your stress levels and help you reconnect with the outside world in a good way. It's a good practice for general health. The weight loss will come, just give it time. Also, start doing some "lift heavy things" style workouts in the next couple of weeks, they'll make a big difference as well.
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      .1 and .4 ? One day just for kicks jump on the scale as many times as possible. If you are any thing like me your weight will fluctuate 2 to 3 lbs during the day. I do drag out the scale every morning but I only make adjustments to my eating if the trend over 10 to 14 days has been up.


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        Thank you for your quick feedback and you provided me with some good expectations. For breakfast I increased my breakfast to two eggs, scrambled with onions, mushrooms and spinach, very small sprinkle of cheese and a side of homemade salsa. Wanting to see if the increased protein helps. I have noticed that my desire for water has increased and that is not a norm for me. Water is good. Will go for a walk today.


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          Funny you should mention jumping on the scale again. I went back to the scale about 3 hours ago and YES, I was up a couple of pounds. I decided I didn't need to check again or I might freak out. Good suggestion to weight myself in the morning and adjust my eating for the day accordingly.


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            Originally posted by SurpriseMe View Post
            Good suggestion to weight myself in the morning and adjust my eating for the day accordingly.
            That was not at all the suggestion. Don't do that, please. All you're going to do is start micro-managing your daily food intake and give yourself an eating disorder. Weigh yourself once a week at MOST, weight fluctuates all the time it's pointless to weigh yourself so often. Take pictures of yourself and compare within a month, then weigh yourself if you absolutely need to.

            Think about this, and really think about it: Who knows how much you weigh, besides yourself and maybe your doctor (and anyone else you tell this information to)? who REALLY cares how much you actually weigh, in terms of numbers on a scale? nobody. Who does this information benefit? nobody. No, not even you. The numbers on the scale only represent the earth's gravitational pull as applied to your body, they tell you nothing of what's going on internally. They do not tell you how healthy you are. They don't show how much muscle or fat you have, they don't tell you how many stairs you can go up or how much you can lift, they're not an indicator of anything that matters.

            Do yourself a favor and stop weighing yourself. Don't let a number on a scale affect how you feel about yourself. Worry instead about how clothes fit, how's your hair, skin, lips, eyes, how does your stomach feel, do you have headaches, etc? Those are the things that matter, not some stupid number that makes you questino whether you should have 4 broccoli florets or 6.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              Jesus H Christ... stop weighing yourself so often or you will drive yourself nuts.

              If you haven't done so already, read the PB. You will get lots of personal opinions in the forums, but it's up to you to use the basics in the PB book and tweak it a bit until you find what works for you.
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