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Not New, But Finally Getting With The Program

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  • Not New, But Finally Getting With The Program

    I found this site a few years ago while searching for some way to get myself in shape.
    I had been hitting the gym like crazy, did P90 and P90X, was riding my bicycle pretty regularly, but eating junk. My frustration level maxed out when I had been going to the gym and running on a schedule and I realized after stepping on a scale that I had gained weight.
    Did some searching and found MDA. Started reading and it all made sense. I gleaned what I could and changed everything up. Started eating better, and changed my workout habits, and weight started dropping off. Within a couple of months I had dropped six inches off my belly and dropped about 40 lubs. And best of all I was feeling great. After the initial success, I figured I would be OK with the occasional grain intake (bread, pasta, etc,) so I indulged once in a while (all be it, too frequently.) And with a family of five, it is kind of hard to make two meals at meal time... one for me and one for them. So, I did what I could.
    I called myself Semi-Primal.
    Fast forward to the holidays two years ago. I splurged. I recovered somewhat, but not to the level I was before. Then after a few more months, my resolve eroded further, and I thought infrequent splurging would be ok. I just have too many good cooks/bakers in my family.
    Fast forward again to a few weeks ago. Hit the "fed up" level again. I have gained three inches on the tire and have gained twenty pounds. I don't feel as good as I did, and my energy level isn't what it was.
    So, I have opted to sell out completely. This time I bought The Primal Blueprint and have started reading it. I am going whole hog (pun intended) and I am going to do it right. No half measures this time. It's "all or noth..." well, just "all."
    So, that is my re-introduction. If anyone is interested I will post updates soon.

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    Welcome back. Yes, going for 100% works best for some people. Good luck.
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