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Need help from some experience primalists !:)Please!!

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  • Need help from some experience primalists !:)Please!!

    Hi all!

    . I have struggled with food in many different ways for quite some time. I am going to give you some background and let you know where I stand. As I stated in my title of this post, I really think I need some guidance.

    About 5 years ago, I was very much eating a large SAD diet. I had a miscarriage and decided that I needed to really get healthy. I read a book called the raw food detox diet and began eating a diet of tons of fruits, tons of vegetables, small amounts of dairy, and a cooked meal at night that included good meat, still some grains like Cous Cous and quinoa. I ate tons of good fats like avocado and olive oils. I had dark chocolate and natural sugars like honey and agave. I felt amazing, truly amazing and satisfied. I was lean and felt very healthy.

    I got pregnant and my hormones went insane....literally. I could no longer stomachs fruits and veggies. All I could eat and all I wanted was the bad carbs...bread,bagels,soda, cookies. I gained 60 lbs and felt awful!! This happened and then happened again with my second child. 18 months ago I had my second baby and ever since, my hormones are so messed up. Not to mention all of the body fat that has accumulated.

    6 months ago, I had it! I had read the primal blueprint but couldn't stop the sugar....I was so very addicted to sugar. I was a huge night eater, even in the middle of the night. So I read the book " it starts with food" and decided to do a whole30. 30 days of very strict paleo/primal eating, to re-set my body, hormones etc. after the whole30, I continued to eat primarily. I had dropped about 15 lbs and felt pretty good. Over the holidays, I had a few sweets, some non primal meals but nothing crazy.

    On the first of the year, I began a whole100 ( very strict paleo) with a group of women. I wanted to cut out the every night dark chocolate and really try to trim the body fat and get strong. I also stopped smoking which for me was a big step. This was 40 days ago. I felt like I have been going crazy over the past 2 weeks. Thinking about food constantly, my hormones feel completely out of whack and I feel like my body is missing something. Needless to say...I indulged in some chocolate and pizza after obsessing for like 2 weeks. I have gained weight over the past 40 days, not lost any of the body fat and feel very discouraged. I know that primal living is a life change, and that's what I am looking for. I would be lying though if I said that loosing the body fat and gaining strength weren't real important to me.

    I am all in to living this way. I want to be healthy, happy and in great shape. I am very confused on where I am going wrong. I have been the same weight with the same amount of body fat since November. I just started going to the gym 3 weeks ago. I am very confused on what's should be doing there. I have been on the elliptical for 30 min and lifting weights for 30 min 3X a week.

    I did cut out nut butters 2 weeks ago when all of these crazy cravings began. I just know that this is the first time that since I began living this way back in sept,I have felt this overwhelming urge to eat sugar and just eat food in general. All I want to do is eat. I stopped the whole100 this weekend and have given my mind and body a break. I have every intention on eating Contunuing to eat primal. I just really need some help as to why this is happening to me.

    If anyone can help me on where I'm going wrong or what I need to change...I would greatly appreciate it. I am so used to loving living this way of life And feeling good. Something is wrong or missing and I can't figure it out.

    Thank you and I look forward to being a part of this community!
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    I had these urges a while back. Having had appetite-control issues in the past (from anorexic to overweight due to poor understanding of my body and of food), I'm always cautious about messing with my diet.
    The cravings started like they were for pizza (a favourite food), so I ignored them. Then, I worked out I just wanted melted cheese. Sure as 1+1=2, my body was pretty much craving fat+sugar+salt. Aka: more macronutrients, or "empty kcals". So I ate more. From 1700kcal/day to 1800, 2000, 2200, 3000... Now I average 2700, a whole 1000 more than before!

    The missing variable: I had started weighted-walking. Just throwing some weights in a bag and lugging it around wherever I went. I barely noticed the extra exercise (I was walking as much as usual, just with weights) and my body, at first, ate up some fat reserves. Not much at first, but then I dropped about 5kg. Then the hunger started. Basically: look at your exercise. There's a damn good chance you've unwittingly been doing more the past few months and haven't been eating as many kcals as you need to compensate.

    Just increase your kcals by 100 or 200 at a time. If you feel better, even if weight-loss doesn't resume, stick there and see how it goes. When you feel good and cravings are controlled, up your exercise. Incorporate some kettle-bell stuff and weighted walking. Don't aim for weightloss, but for dropping sizes/inchloss and a lower body-fat-%.

    It also depends on your weight, mind. If you're very overweight: ditch my advice and go lower carb. Experiment with high protein vs high fat and do more exercise.
    If you only have a bit left to lose, try out my advice or don't even bother, as many people find their natural "resting point" is a bit higher than their goal.

    What are your height, weight, your BF%, your goals and your current diet?
    That would help me give more specific advice.

    All the best.
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    Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

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      Thank you! I really appreciate the help. I am 5 ft 2 inch, 130 lbs, I do not know my body fat % but I can tell you I have a lot of flab!!! More than loosing weight I so desperately want things to firm up, I want muscle, I want the fat to go away. My diet for the past 40 days has been: eggs and veggies for breakfast, homemade chicken salad with homemade mayo and salads for lunch, some sort of grass fed meat for dinner with veggies. No dairy, no sugar, no grains or anything processed. I do eat sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash, nuts and too much nut butter lots of good fats ( olive oil,avocado,ghee,lard for cooking) I have been following a whole30, very strict paleo. Before this, I was eating protein, veggies, nuts/ seeds, good fats, dark chocolate and paleo approved treats. I would have pizza and a treat every couple of weeks. I did remove nut butter recently and right around that time is when my body went a little crazy.

      I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks again for the help.


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        I'd say the first step is to carry on with your exercise. Find some good lifting to do at the gym at least once a week, do body-weight exercises whenever you can fit them in and walk whenever possible. If you already walk a lot, start with 5kg on your back and, when it gets easy, scale it up.

        Don't worry about food until you've been on your routine for a few weeks, as you need every routine to bed in. Just eat whatever you feel like (within Primal boundaries) and allow the odd cheat if you feel like it (if you don't, by all means don't succumb; the longer you spend avoiding junk, the less you like it when you eat it).
        Keep a log of what you're eating and a note of what your protein:fat:carb ratio is for these two weeks, as this will give you an idea of what your body wants. Don't force yourself to eat anything you don't fancy, either.

        Once your exercise is bedded-in you'll be able to assess your diet better.
        If you're losing weight: keep doing what you're doing. In you're losing fat, but not weight: keep at it, as muscle is probably replacing the fat.
        If you're gaining weight or not losing weight OR fat, you have four options to try out.
        1.- Try a different form of Paleo. Strict PB, Robb Wolf's dairy-free version...etc
        2.- Go high fat. If fat was 50% of your kcals, make it 55% and, if that works, scale up more until you find the ideal ground.
        3.- Go high protein. Same, but with protein and lowering the fat.
        4.- If all else fails: calorie-count. Not fun, but many have to do it to kick-start weightloss.
        Perfection is entirely individual. Any philosophy or pursuit that encourages individuality has merit in that it frees people. Any that encourages shackles only has merit in that it shows you how wrong and desperate the human mind can get in its pursuit of truth.

        I get blunter and more narcissistic by the day.
        I'd apologize, but...