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Anyone primal living in French speaking Switzerland

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  • Anyone primal living in French speaking Switzerland

    I started reading the Primal Blueprint a few days ago. I've just come back from a 2 hour walk in the mountains to kick start my primal journey - so I really am very new to this. I am married to a man who's greatest pleasure is to cook & have 2 teenagers at home so I think I will have to somehow make this fit with their habits if and until they decide to join me
    Wondering if there is anyone living in the same area that can help me find some of the pasture raised meat & poultry?
    Apart from that, having looked at some of the success stories I'm actually excited about this - here's hoping:-)

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    Having the same questions, I've found some infos on Coop's natura-beef line of products here: Natura-Beef - Mutterkuh Schweiz

    I'm still looking for a local farmer and/or market where I could procure the goods directly instead of the supermarket, but I guess that's the best I can do actually.

    Please let me know of your successes and findings, my own journey has been very satisfying so far