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not your normal headache - anyone else have this odd symptom?

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  • not your normal headache - anyone else have this odd symptom?

    Hi, all -

    I've been slowly transitioning in the past month - first by eliminating starch, which was a hurdle. And now, a week after eliminating milk, yogurt, and random sugars, I've experienced another brief bout of carb flu. And that's been manageable, but the lingering headache is WEIRD.

    I know the headaches are common, and can be treated with x, y and z, but does anyone else feel like their actual skull hurts? It's not like a migraine or a sit-at-the-computer or even a hangover ache. It hurts when I rub my scalp, like when I'm in the shower. Sometimes on one side of my head, sometimes the other. Reminiscent of the kind of headache I used to get when I restricted on calories too much, but I am deffffinitely eating plenty of food.

    anyone else experiencing this /type/ of ache?

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    Nope, but I get similar but not identical headaches when I'm dehydrated. Also, is it possible you've coincidentally picked up a virus of some sort that your MD should look at? Last, but did you replace with "safe" sugars like agave, which isn't so safe for at least some people? I get severe headaches if I have something with agave sweetener....

    Last, but not least--and perhaps the weirdest possibility: without the sugar and gluten interference, is it possible that you're now noticing an allergy to something in your environment? Just a few thoughts....
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