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Glad to find a Primal Forum at last!

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  • Glad to find a Primal Forum at last!

    I'm glad to find a place to chat with other folks about going Primal.

    I found my way here by first reading Wheat Belly, then finding Tom Naughton's Fat Head movie and blog.

    I eliminated wheat Jan 1st, and all the rest of the grains and starchy vegetables shortly thereafter.

    My one nagging sugar treat is the coconut palm sugar I put in my coffee (which is usually bulletproof these days.)

    So far: I've gotten rid of a lot of joint pain, my hair and nails are growing like crazy, my skin is better, and I've lost 17 pounds.

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    Congrats, and welcome! I found my way here thanks to Wheat Belly, too. Great read!
    >> Current Stats: 90% Primal / 143 lbs / ~25% BF
    >> Goal (by 1 Jan 2014): 90% Primal / 135-ish pounds / 20-22% BF

    >> Upcoming Fitness Feats: Tough Mudder, June 2013
    >> Check out my super-exciting journal by clicking these words.

    Weight does NOT equal health -- ditch the scale, don't be a slave to it!


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      Congrats on the success so far, welcome, and hope you can find the many excellent posts and posters here among the copious goofy B.S. that gets posted/argued about. It's really a great place when you can hone in on the worthwhile ideas and tons of supportive, helpful people.
      The Champagne of Beards


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        High Weight: 225
        Weight at start of Primal: 189
        Current Weight: 174
        Goal Weight: 130

        Primal Start Date: 11/26/2012


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          Well done! Look forward to connecting with you around the forum.
          sigpicDoing my 30 day paleo challenge right now