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Encouragement for 30 day reset

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  • Encouragement for 30 day reset

    Hi all! New to the forum and came through Chris Kessler's site. I'm currently working with Chris on reducing inflammation and improving "gut flora" and am on my second round of the 30 day paleo reset. It's the second time around because I failed after three weeks the last time, then the holidays came, then I got sick while traveling in January and now want to get back on track. I had five successful days last week and then failed again over the weekend because of some events I attended (including a super-bowl party). This reset IS really important to me and during the last one, I did start to feel more bursts of energy, etc, but I can't seem to get to a solid thirty days before I start adding in some non-gluten grains and a little dairy. Any help or encouragement out there? Anyone know of a meet-up group in the Oakland area or anyone willing to be an e-mail buddy to keep me encouraged???