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Getting Primal in Chilliwack

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  • Getting Primal in Chilliwack

    Hello everyone.

    I am just getting into this Primal diet and lifestyle thing.

    I first heard about it on the Joe Rogan podcast when he had Robb Wolf on his show.

    I recently was diagnosed with cancer, not alot of details yet.

    I hit the book store and bought Robbs book "The Paleo Solution", read it and now hope to learn and share more with others living this lifestyle.

    The Paleo living style seems obvious now to me, just the details are alot to take in all at once.

    I also raise Lamb, and free range chickens, so that will help me with this diet I am sure, not to mention I am a fishing guide and fish hundreds of days a year for wild salmon and Steelhead.

    Hopefully I can raise my kids differently than I was raised, which was a very heavy carb based diet.