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    What tips do you have for 55 year old spend 50+ percent of business time in palnes and on the road?
    At home i see no issue as i love to cook and tend to eat healthy.
    Just dont know how to make it work living from a suitcase.

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    On the eating side of things, from restaurants I order lots of mixed green salads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I order steak, prime rib, or salmon without any starches on the side, but a double order of steamed vegetables instead. Most good restaurants can and will cook this way, but many of the medium-scale chains are hit and miss. (Sometimes its hard to get real olive oil from a chain). Steak and eggs also works. I carry cans of tuna in olive oil with jalapeno which I eat right out of the can for a snack. Also, if really in a pinch, I will make a protein shake, but use full-fat coconut milk as the base. I've made my own mix of protein by mixing a good quality whey isolate with a good quality casein protein. Neither of my protein shakes contain soy or artificial sweeteners.

    For the fitness side of things, I do Convict Conditioning in my hotel room.
    "It's a great life, if you don't weaken.". John Buchan


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      Originally posted by itchy166 View Post

      For the fitness side of things, I do Convict Conditioning in my hotel room.
      I travel T/W/Th every week, and hotel it.... Instead of convict conditioning, i call it "hotel yoga"--
      same thing, but i feel MUCH better!


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        We ate out last night, for the first time since starting on a primal lifestyle, and had salmon fillets, which would normally have come with crushed new potatoes, but we asked instead for them to come with buttered green vegetables - it didn't look much but it was delicious and we were both full by the end!

        I think if you ask, most places will accommodate you.

        'Be yourself, everyone else is taken' - Oscar Wilde