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  • Been fat long enough

    Good morning from a wet and windy Boston today. I jsut started Paleo about a week ago, hardcore since Monday and have lost 3 lbs. which I am thrilled about. I was tired of always being the fat one in the room and recently had a visit from someone I hadn't seen in 10 years who came by just to see how fat I had got! That hurt and became my trigger to do something about it. I immediately signed up for a 5 mile mud run obstacle course and started eating healthy and I do feel great. I am missing bread but thought about making Paleo bread but then wondered should I just stick to not eating it or would eating the Paleo bread make me want bread still. Wish me luck, I hope to lose 30 lbs but if not, at least be healthier!

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    good luck, i just went cold turkey on bread and cakes/biscuits and haven't looked back, i can comfortably avoid those sections at the supermarket now, or rather walk through and not even take notice of the shelves


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      Good luck!!!


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        I would immediately cross that "person" off my friend/acquaintance list.

        You get over the lust for breads. Took me a couple weeks to lose the actual craving and almost a year to not care anymore. The only reason its hard now is because it is everywhere. Any snack you would grab when you are out, before the meal in restaurants.

        People keep asking me if I have tried the gluten free crap. I tired one piece of Udi's bread. It was so not anywhere near good like bread that I never tried again. I haven't even baked myself some of the paleo bread. Just figure it'll make me start to crave it again and I'd probably just overeat the paleo stuff. We just don't need it in our diets.

        Welcome and enjoy this new way of eating.


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          Keep going and good luck.


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            I miss bread too occasionally but you'll get over it. I haven't baked any paleo bread yet but the crackers are pretty good.
            Good luck


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              Thanks for all of the replies, I figured it would just be easier to stay away from the bread all together. I feel absolutely great tho ugh after a week and totally look forward to Wednesday's weigh in. Thanks again for the support


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                Good luck! I have found it best to cut bread completely. The substitutes just make me miss the real thing more.

                That said, I think I am making primal pizza with a cauliflower crust (got the recipe from Wheat Belly) for the Super Bowl!


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                  i think so,Good luck! I have found it best to cut bread completely. The substitutes just make me miss the real thing more


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                    Agree on cutting the bread. Eating the substitutes from the store (which are often full of chemicals, though Udi's may be the least offensive of the bunch) just leads to craving real bread.

                    I mean shit if you're going to break away from primal for a meal because you just really want a sandwhich, that's fine. But make it count and have it on a fresh baked sourdough baguette or something, not shitty faux bread! xD

                    Do it right or not at all, imo.

                    Good luck on your journey. <3


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                      Eating more vegetables or even meat instead of breads. Eating earlier and less in the evening because you can't burn that much calories at night. Good luck on your journey