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A Minor Victory, but a Major Personal Achievment

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  • A Minor Victory, but a Major Personal Achievment

    After many long years with an incredibly stable (but too high) weight, and being Type 2 diabetic, I saw the benefits Primal would have on my diabetes.

    However, after months of slowing modifying my diet towards primal I had still shown no weight change My diabetic numbers were the best I'd seen since diagnosis 7 years ago, but still... I needed to lose weight.

    So decided in January to be stricter, and after 3 weeks my girlfriend reported bad breath! YESSSSSS! I have never been so pleased to be told I had bad breath... I had reached ketosis!

    Anyway, the pounds finally started moving, and after hovering on the cusp for a week, this morning I hit my first target: being sub 210lbs (15st in UK). I have not been below 15st in over 18 years, so this, although it is only a net loss of 5lbs, its broken through a barrier that has been there for over 40% of my life.

    I've not set a target weight... I have no idea what that should be for me. But my next goal is a 36" waist... again not seen since university. 2.5" to go

    All I can say is, a big thanks to the creators/promoters of this way of life.

    RichK (aka TigerBeard)
    Embracing my inner Caveman since Sept 2012
    Age: 45. Height: 5'9". PW: 234. SW: 215
    Start BMI: 31.9 (if include "bigbone" 10% allowance: 28.7)
    Start Waist: 40in

    CW [06/Aug/13]: 198lbs. Current Waist: 36in. BF%: 19.6%. Various Calcs
    BMI: 29.2/26.3 BF%: 16.45% Naval Research BF Method

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    That's fantastic! Well done you!


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      Great news for you. Keep it up!