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Paleo worked for me in the past, but primal is exciting!

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  • Paleo worked for me in the past, but primal is exciting!

    Loving primal! I am just a few days in and already my energy is a lot better. I was quite blue for a few days at the end of my SAD diet and the transition to this new way of life. I was dragging. Now I feel like my strong self again.

    I am a mama and I work part-time from home. It is good to have the flexible schedule because I don't think I know enough good primal recipes to pack lunches yet. It feels safe to be near home.

    I just started taking long walks - today I had an hour walk with a giant hill! Felt great but at the end my hips were a little sore. I also belly dance and do Zumba a few times a week. Otherwise I sit way too much and am thinking of ways to move more during the day.

    I have about 30 pounds to lose although I am truly 50 pounds overweight. I tend to be very muscular, although right now I am not toned or feeling very strong. We are a family of GROKs.

    I am looking forward to beginning lifting.

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    For women who have already seen combat, it is a decision that is well
    overdue. But for the skeptics, it is a setback that will damage the military.
    The Pentagon's reported decision to lift the ban on
    women in combat units will take time to put into effect, but many former
    service members are lauding reports the Defense Department will make the change
    "We have an all-volunteer force, and I think
    that this opens up a pool of folks who could serve in these positions,"
    said Rep. Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran who lost both legs and the use
    of one arm when her helicopter crew was shot down in 2004. "Any time that
    we've opened up our military to performance-based service ... we've benefited
    as a military. This is good for the nation."
    The new policy will be implemented over the next
    three years and some units may apply for exemption, a senior defense official
    told CNN.
    Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat, said the military
    should open up every unit to women and see if they can complete the required
    "If the women can't meet the standards, they
    don't get to graduate from the program."