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    Hey everyone.

    My names Joey. I am a certified personal trainer that got spoon feed the bs Convectional Wisdom to health and fitness. I am also a hardgainer, although i try to focus more on being healthy and fit, not so much on the vanity part.

    But ive never been one to go with the sheep. Im bit of rebel. And have a natural interest in the human body and exercise so when i found marks website, I was blown away. I did alot of research and learning and started adopting the lifestyle. Now, be a personal trainer, im not a health nut nor am i against enjoying the simple pleasures of life such as my mountain dew and i occasionally go out to eat and to fast food with friends. But overall eat healthy and like to be active.

    I was amazed when i just tried only a few tweaks to my lifestyle, nutrition, and workouts. WHY WASNT I TAUGHT THIS IN SCHOOL!? (my guess is money interest and other crap). Even being a semi healthy guy, I noticed huge improvements.

    I plan on starting my own personal training business soon and I will be teaching in a very primal blue print way but keeping in my the whole point of being healthy is to enjoy more of life so will kinda incorporate a bit more free way. Thanks for reading.