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HELLO THERE!! Everyone!! I am another Vegan to tailored Paleo xx My Story!

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  • HELLO THERE!! Everyone!! I am another Vegan to tailored Paleo xx My Story!

    This is such a great and supportive forum I see!!

    Having been a (cheat vegan- I sometimes took omega3 fish oils to help my gut) Vegan for a good few years, then quit veganism back in 1st August 2012 going Paleo, I guess everyone may be different, and if you can sustain great fitness while being Vegan, good luck! But it made me VERY ill !!
    Yes, it does feel GREAT to do vege juicing and greens only for a few week, but vegan protein just is not the same as fish based omega 3.... Also my problem with vegan/veggie was the ratio of O6 to O3 went wrong!!! Too much O6 leads to access Arachidonic acids, thus Inflammation.....

    ALSO vegan was SOOOo HIGH CARB, I gained weight, even though I was sugar free, gluten free, no junk etc!!!!
    I used to be a model, so imagine what I felt like!!!! Yuck! I also developed Vit deficiencies, even though I took loads of pills!!
    I developed ENDOCRINE problems like vit D and Thyroid too, which Paleo has cured without drugs!
    Seriously, you dont want to mess with the thyroid!!!!
    My hormones went bonkers too, WAY too much oestrogen's thanks to all the organic non-gmo soya I ate while being Vegan!!

    SInce most folks on here are AMerican, I will translate weight and size talk to the usa!
    I was a size 2-4, then had ballooned to a size 10-12!! A photo from a Christmas party confirmed it, I thought, OMG what has happened to me?!! I look like a bloated pudding!!! Where is 'I once walked down the catwalk infront of Elle MacPherson in lingerie Fiona?' !!!
    I cant remember WHAT exactly was my point of information for going Paleo....I knew that I never liked beans anyway, and lentils gave me muscle paralysis. Being gluten free for decades, and corn free, made it no big deal to give up the grains!!
    So on 1st August 2012 I went bang, way into the change!! I lost a lot of weight in just ONE month!! A whole 1 stone ( thats 14 pounds) ! I could fit back into my jeans and hot pants yay!!!
    I started to see abs appear!! wow! I ate salmon everyday too, and I felt INCREDIBLE!!!!!
    I am not great with red meats, but tried "game" like venison/deer.
    Due to my past history of joint/skin issues I would not eat pork due to it being very acidic.
    My body was not keen on the venison, like years before my body just did not like red meats..
    Then I made the big mistake of eating eggs!!! I had an allergy to them when i was five years old..
    I ate egg whites, as I wanted to get really ripped and lean.....
    BOOM!!!! Auto-immune inflammation.....
    The pain of arthritis is horrible, and not being able to move in a simple way is horrible....

    So here I am, just getting over this flare of inflammation please God....
    I tailor Paleo to my body....So I eat chicken, turkey, fish, fish oil/fish fat, vegetables (accept nightshades), fruits especially cherries as they get acid out the body and my body is a big fan of pineapple! Sometimes Whey protein, I got on really well with it! A few nuts and seeds like Chai. Loads of herbs. Zero/low carb things like Konjacu pasta (japanses pasta that has zero carbs, made from seaweed or konjac jelly).. Make stuff in Vitamix!

    Because veggie/veganism to me was about loving animals, I now say a prayer, blessing for whatever fish/fowl I am about to nourish my body with. Thankfullness and gratitude for the protein it is suppling me with, sending loving thanks to god, mother earth.

    I do not eat red meat, can't. No amount of digestive enzymes help! No eggs, no cow cheese, or goat cheese, or any cheese!! ( too much purines and acid).

    SO folks!! After my flare, I need to get back on track!!! I have gained a few ounces due to trying to recover from the flare. I need to get back into Ketosis!!! SO from thursday this week, its lean-a-thon protein time!! Zero carbing!! Flabelos machine and swimming, yoga, ab crunches!

    My target weight is 8st (112 LBs) I managed to get to 8.4st. But now I am 8.13 thanks to eating buckwheat, quinoa- (SUPPOSeD to be SEEDS!!!!) as fibre to help heal from the flare!!! I must admit, even though when I first lost that weight, and felt incredible, the one thing that was a bit worrying, was a bled from my bum for a whole month.....Anyone else had bowel issues with high protein low carb?? I MUST use Lepicol every day now (made from physillium husks and probiotics).

    Anyhow!! Here we go again, BUT without the egg/cheese mistakes!!
    There are more Paleo stories on my blog - see url, inc Paleo desserts or dishes I experimented with!

    And some creations on here! Facebook

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    Welcome Fiona. There are lots of us ex-vegans here. I hope primal goes well for you.
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      Hello and welcome. Sounds like you've had a time of it working out what works for you, bet it feels good knowing what you need to feed your body for health after that journey

      I've never had the bowel issues, but I don't think I've ever been truly very low carb, I eat far to much vegetable matter for that, green leaves everyday and probably at least some days up to 2lbs of veggies (that sounds huge, but I'm a big fella, and it's about what's reccomended for optimal heath by a fair few places, being 8-10 servings a day)
      You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................