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  • An Aussie's New Primal Life

    Hi! My name is Jay and I live a seaside suburb in Victoria Australia.

    Funny that - because this is the first year I have bought a pair of bathers in over 20 years. Yes I did finally drag my sorry self to the beach on one of our horrendously hot days recently, however the same old insecurities were there.

    I'm not massively overweight (although the doctor's little obese rating says I am). I'm what you would call curvy with a full figure and bust. I still have a womanly shape its just a little larger than others :-)

    I'd love to be energetic and athletic but a spinal injury sometimes makes it difficult just to sit. However I'd had this challenge for many years and even studied Martial Arts, so I really have no excuses. Just need to know my limits.

    This year's is going to be huge for me. I'm back out in the workforce now that my youngest is at school. I'm an IT contractor so there's lots of study to build my skills back up. I'm studying Bachelor of Accounting part-time by distant learning in order for me to help grow and manage my business. I'm also starting an online store and will be writing patterns and books (and launching an online magazine hopefully next year) on my passion - fiber arts in particular quilting and art quilts.

    So as you can see, I sit a lot. Having kids means that it's not usually for long, however I don't have a job that has me walking or moving much - and I don't do any exercise.

    Apart from my career goals I have a couple of personal ones that I will begin to implement. I would like to continue my martial arts grading and finally get my black belt - that's 4 more levels to grade. I would like to aim to walk Kokoda trail in 2014, and I would like to be fairly self sufficient at home and the garden. So that means lots of activity.

    I did try going vegetarian some months back, primarily because I felt bad about the way our animals are treated but always struggled with the fact that I love meat and coming from a traditonal Italian background I never really had a problem with the slaughter and use of an animal as long as it was respected and all parts used - nothing to waste.

    Well my health stopped that. I couldn't get out of bed and had no energy. Turned out my bone marrow doesn't produce enough red blood cells and I was also chronic anemic

    So straight to meat and iron.

    I followed the primal blueprint guidelines for about 3 weeks and felt amazing. Could feel the extra layer of fluid had gone and thought I was beginning to lose weight. It takes about 4-5 days for me to get into ketosis and if I keep eating basically the same sort of meals I'm fine.

    Did get derailed about a week ago and feel terrible. My body sure doesn't like any carbs of the white kind or sugar at all.

    So I've decided to journal my new way of life. Not just the eating but everything, as my diet certainly has an impact on everything else.

    Today Jay is....

    42 years old
    Mother of 6 (3 mine and 3 step) although only 3 live at home.
    Height: 5' 10" (1.75 metres)
    Weight: 86kg (189 pounds)

    Aim Weight 75kg (165 pounds) and toned.

    Love and Blessings.....

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    Good luck and Welcome
    I am the same with carbs and sugar


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      Primal Blueprint Journals | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page
      here are all the journals


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        Thankyou. Will start the journal tomorrow. J