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Hi all, newbie from the UK!

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    Thanks Primal Mum

    Yes, I think good meat is the hardest part. We do have a slaughterhouse near us, not sure if the meat there is cheaper than supermarkets but will no doubt be better quality. Money is a sticking point, we don't go out much as it is (we like going out for meals) so don't want to end up not being able to afford to do that sort of thing.

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      Skint in the UK

      Hi All,
      I'm in UK too, and am struggling with the whole Primal thing a little bit. Partly, getting confused into low-carbing, and also the cost puts me off!
      We still have a cupboard full of polenta (yuck), pasta, cereal and so on, but I think we will gradually eat our way through it as the 20% cheat until it's gone. I want to be Primal, but my husband is not keen. He has just been tested for Ceoliacs disease and a host of other stuff, so I said that I think he should join me for at least 30 days, then if he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to stick with it. But if I can't even get a handle on it for myself, I fear I may not keep his attention!


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        Welcome aboard! Another Brit here. Jump in and enjoy. See you around ...

        "... needs more fish!"