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New to Primal Blueprint and gaining weight

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  • New to Primal Blueprint and gaining weight

    Did anyone gain a few pounds in their first 2 weeks of the Primal Plan?
    I have followed the plan strictly and I have gained 3.4 pounds in 2 weeks.

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    Welcome MI Primal! I'm in Chicago but lots of relatives up and down the mitten (especially the Traverse City area). Some people gain weight right off the bat, but it depends where your weight is already (if you need to gain or lose). I didn't lose much at first--just needed to let the body adjust, then it came off effortlessly. It was about a 3 week adjustment for me. Stick with it, don't hog down too many nuts (that stalled me in the beginning, but I felt like I needed to snack, but don't anymore), and keep moving. Good luck.


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      Thanks for the Welcome and thanks for the encouragement. I need to lose. I will take your advice on the nuts and stick with it. Perhaps I won't weigh myself until the end of the 3rd week.
      Thanks Again!


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        Once you are fat-adapted you will be able to stop snacking and have normal hunger cues. The exactly when and exactly how are up to you.
        To echo the above post, my experience was the same!
        I gained a slight bit of weight at first because I wasn't efficient at using fat as fuel and frequently snacked. Nuts every day. But within six weeks it all began to change and I just wasn't hungry as much. The liver helped a ton, filling my body with nutrition that had been lacking my whole life. And a HUGE turning point was increasing my protein to about a pound a day. These days I only eat once or twice a day. Now only nuts once a week. Nuts really are fattening if abused! Happy journeys, I'm three years in and have just given up coffee, and feel pretty good - most of the time. Except for being an overworked cranky-pants with a pet raincloud.
        Crohn's, doing SCD


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          Awesome. Thank you for the advice. I feel so much better. Three years is great, congratulations!


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            I needed to read all of these replies! MI Primal, I'm like you and have been going at this since the beginning of this month and really haven't felt the amazing effects that I hear being raved about. I've lost weight, but only 4 lbs, which is not really what I was expecting, especially after cutting out basically all of the crap out of my diet! I'm starting the 21-day total body transformation on Feb 1st with a friend, so I'm hoping that by focusing on just that, I can get my body on track. I'm willing to wait 6 weeks if it means that this is finally going to start happening and not feel like a fruitless venture. Good luck!!


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              I have been at this for almost 2 months now. When I started I was 128.2, today I am at 129. However, I took pictures in the beginning, and again yesterday, and looking at them, there is an obvious difference. I have lost nearly an inch at the waist, and almost two at the belly button. I have started working out, and am getting more energy, and starting to build a little muscle.

              Don't obsess too much over the scale, as you can retain water, or be building muscle. It's going to take some time, but it is definitely worth it.


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                Try doing a leptin reset,

                Leptin Reset Easy Start Guide | Living an Optimized Life

                It uses primal foods, but configures when and what to eat to optimize your start on the primal journey and get your hunger response working properly quickly. (I lost 8 pounds in the first week doing the reset)
                A little primal gem - My Success Story
                Weight lost in 4 months - 29kg (64 lbs)