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    I like to tell people that I have 'dabbled in paleo', which I now realise is a euphemism for 'not changed a damn thing'. My intention now though, is to pursue it properly but gradually, with a full understanding of myself - ie that when I do step out of my comfort zone, it should be only just outside. When that place becomes my new comfort zone, do it again and repeat as neccessary. This will be a novelty to me as what I tend to do is launch myself so far into something (diet/exercise/learning a new skill) that I begin to drown and immediately scramble for safety, vowing never again to stray from the safety of my comfort zone. I have a hunch that each step will get easier too but I am focused on the first one. Cutting sugar. Regaining control of my appetite. Ihave been tracking MDA since 2008.
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    I cut out grains and sugar followed because I couldn't put jam on me bread....
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      Thanks Nigel, That is exactly what I am hoping for: that the subtle changes will lead to greater ones. For example, cutting out sugar meant not eating dessert, which in turn meant I began to appreciate the sweetness of the milk in my (numerous teas). I now suspect that lactose might be playing havoc with my metabolism so I am loooking to cut down on (not cut out just yet) dairy too. I have already started and swear I feel less sluggish. I am resisting the temptation to go 'cold turkey' on grains and dairy though. Always my downfall on previous attempts.