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    I think I had enough of eating those fatty foods and my health is getting not so good. Finally, I am convinced to go primal. You site came up while I was searching for help on primal living. I am hoping to learn how to live the primal life better.

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    Hey Tyron, welcome!

    You made the right decision. Going Primal not only made me feel and look better, but it opened up the flood gates to actually LIVING.

    Once you have your health under control (and it's easy once you learn the basics), it'll come like second nature to know which foods you can handle and which ones you can't. You won't even have to think about "yes I should eat this food" or "no I shouldn't eat this food" -- it'll be instinct. You'll feel better and you can use the extra brain power to do awesome things.

    And by the way..fat isn't necessarily bad for you. Your brain needs those saturated fats to thrive and think critically. So, that means that you should, well, eat more bacon

    Rock on, and again, welcome. Get excited.
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