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Greetings from the most wretched hive of scum and villainy!

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  • Greetings from the most wretched hive of scum and villainy!

    Hey everyone.

    I've been trying to find a way to improve my health off and on for a couple years now. It started with crazy workouts before I got married and a number of hit and miss diet and/or exercise regimens since. About 9 months ago I became a dad and since then I've been even more inspired to really do my research and find something that works. Not only do I want to live a long time, I have a chance with a beautiful baby girl to give her the proper tools from an early age to be healthy.

    During these few years the only thing I've found that really stuck was yoga. It's the one bit of physical activity I loved and made me feel good. All the promises about feeling "energized" after mega cardio and über weight training never panned out. On top of that, I find the activities miserable. I'll admit it, I hate pain!

    I found this site about two weeks ago while researching whether or not sprouted bread was actually worth buying or not, only to find that bread probably isn't worth it at all!

    Anyway, it's been about two weeks. I'm not on the grass-fed meats and all organic veggies train yet, but I have switched my diet entirely to one that appears to be "primal approved." (I even had shrimp scampi using pulverized cauliflower in place of rice the other night. I was proud of myself.) I'm amazed at how quickly I'm feeling results.

    I have suffered through most of my late teens to early 30s with chronic hip pain. My leg bones are slightly deformed and I have walked pigeon-toed my whole life. One of the draws of yoga was that working my hips at night helped with the pain so I could avoid taking any sort of pain reliever and it's worked. A week into this a cold front came in and for the first time my legs didn't flair up in pain. And now, when I do yoga at night, it's purely about feeling good. I had no idea I'd see obvious changes so quickly.

    With that said, I'm jumping in this forum to get some advice from other wastelanders like myself. I live in Las Vegas which, so far as I can tell, is hardly a mecca for things like farmers markets. (I went to one yesterday and it was pretty pitiful.) I'm trying to find out more about getting better meats and vegetables without going broke! It beats medication. It beats pain. But still, it's just plain wise to be frugal!

    Anyway... hello everyone! I'm excited about getting started.