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  • Hello!

    My fiancee got me into this as she has always been a bit of a healthfood nut (or so she thought). She actually learned of paleo/primal diets from her sister... so ultimately I guess we have her to thank.
    Anyways, for the past 2 weeks we have 100% stuck to the paleo/primal diet. What I have noticed thus far...
    1. I don't feel hungry all of the time
    2. I have way more energy throughout the day (no mid afternoon crash)
    3. I don't eat nearly as much caloriewise but feel full
    4. I actually get tired when I should, and sleep better than ever
    5. Last but not least... I have gone from 195lbs to 186lbs

    Just wish we would have learned about this way of eating sooner.

    By the way... my fiancee is an amazing cook. I will try to get her on here ASAP so she can share her recipies. She made paleo blueberry muffins the other day and it was exactly like a "real" muffin
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    Oh I wanted to share one more thing. Something I found quite odd and at the same time amazing. Shortly into the first week of primal eating I took a spill and banged up my knee really bad... it immediately swelled to about 2x the normal size. I have had similar injeries before, so I know about how long it takes my body to recover from things like that. I also scraped my hand up pretty good. When it happened I was like, "Great I am going to be limping for at least 2 weeks, and my hand is going to look like crap for even longer..."
    To my surprise I limped for 2 days instead of 2 weeks, and the swelling was gone. I thought for sure I'd have a huge bruise... but there was barely a red mark. After 4 days you couldn't even tell. As far as my hand goes a week later the scabs were nearly gone... it's like I was soaking my hand in neosporin the whole time.
    Anyone else experience anything similar?