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Newbie with a question about fatigue

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  • Newbie with a question about fatigue

    Hi All,
    I am on day 3 and feeling pretty good. The only thing is that I was exhausted during my strength training workout today. You know...just trying to lift heavy things. I am hoping this has to do with my body still looking for carbs for fuel and that this will go away soon. Am I right about this? Any tips on how to get a little more energy in the mean time?
    I usually exercise in the morning and have a few eggs with bacon for breakfast. I might also through in an avocado if I am feeling really hungry.


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    I had to comment because the exact same thing happened to me. I've been going to CrossFit for a while, but sabotaging my progress with my SAD whole grains etc. (UGH!) Last Wednesday I was on Day 3, and I went to the workout expecting to feel awesome. I was ridiculously sore for days afterward. I've been sore after workouts before, but this was bad. It hurt to put my coat on. It hurt to wash my hair. Was it too soon to Lift Heavy Things? Should I have waited for my system to even out? Is this part of "carb flu"?

    I am now on Week 2 and I feel much better. I feel.... even. Not full, not hungry, just fine, all the time. I don't feel deprived of anything. Losing weight by eating bacon seems too good to be true!! And it makes grocery shopping really easy. You don't even need to go down most of the aisles. I fell in love with coconut oil, and a non-sandwich that I call the BLAT (bacon, avocado, and tomato on some sturdy lettuce like romaine).