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What to tell the others? Help a newbie out!

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  • What to tell the others? Help a newbie out!

    Hi Everyone!

    Paul here, 33 year old native Texan living in NYC. Discovering the Primal Blueprint lifestyle has felt like coming home, like YES! Finally something I resonate with, from the eating to fitness to taking care of yourself. Easing into the eating, but 5 days with no grains and I feel fantastic! It doesn't feel difficult, and I'm enjoying getting back in the kitchen.

    The hardest part so far is mentioning it to others. While I understand the scientific reasoning when reading the articles, I'm not the best at explaining it, nor do I want to have an in-depth discussion and defend myself at every social/work meal.

    So what are some of your stock responses? Something I can easily tell people when the whole office is staring at me or a friend is telling me this doesn't sound healthy.

    Any suggestions appreciated!


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    I've figured it's easiest to keep it casual. I just say that grains and sugar make me feel bad, or I don't tolerate them well, or I try not to eat them. It's all in the confident way you say it, haha. But in a lot of company I just pretend I don't like sweets, that works too.
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      the best way to handle it, honestly, is to not talk about it. Order your dinner, tell them to hold the bun, and say nothing. You'd be surprised how much less others actually care about what you do than you think. If you confidently go about your choice of lifestyle, especially if you get results, and simply just do it people will respect that.

      If someone asks about the grains, just say your doc told you that you are gluten sensitive and that you were advised to give up gluten containing grains. Leave it at that. Don't even breach the saturated fat topic, imo.

      edit: if someone is genuinely interested in your positive progress, just give them a quick schpeal and tell them to visit the website. short and sweet.


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        I must be lucky in my friends and relatives. Generally, if I say I'm gluten intolerant and cutting back on carbs, that satisfies people. Beyond that, I avoid any mention of cavemen. I just say that our great grandparents had it right, including cut back on starches when your weight is creeping up.
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          i would also not talk about it - but if i must - i would just say im allergic to a couple of things and hopefully in time they will see the results of this way of life and they will want to do the same irrespective of the reasons behind it.


          you can just invite them to have a look at MDA and to chat to you after - im sure they will be as excited as you are, and if not, you will (unfortunately for them) be the only one with the lean physique


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            I agree with the others. Speaking about cavemen, evolutionary stuff etc will just rise a lot of adverse reactions, just to mention some:

            - cavemen diet at 20 (not true, as nowadays cavemen in central Africa live as long as 60-65yo despite malaria, lions, etc)
            - grains are the pillar of civilization (good luck changing their mind on that)
            - asian have been eating tons of soy since centuries (soy marketing is powerful...)
            - your brain needs sugars (yeah, to go high)
            - everybody knows that saturated fats are bad

            I personally avoid the stress of explaining it and fighting CW. If people ask me how come I am that lean I try to introduce the subject, but as soon as I see they are fighting back (and usually in a violent manner, I never understood why...) I withdraw.

            Don't forget that the Primal Blueprint is about stress management, too


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              Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm definitely discovering less is more


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                Ugh, just got in my first conversation about this. I was thrilled with my progress (lost 5 lbs in 10 days without feeling deprived at all, and kicked ass at the gym). When I tried to tell my friends this, I got "It's healthier to eat everything in moderation," "I snack all day and it works for me," and a long lecture on Weight Watchers. I am going to take some of these tips, and not let the haters get me down!


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                  It's taken over 2 years for me to hone in on my responses. First, I find it much easier for the general public to accept and not question someone who eats "unhealthy" (meat, animal fats, etc.). However, people are going to be more critical about why you don't want to eat wheat, sugar, and certain oils. If it's meal time, I politely like them know it's not something I discuss while I eat. This usually shuts them up because they think it's something medical, which it is. If it's a more appropriate time and they push the issue, I just try and come off as dense and unconcerned about my health. This usually also shuts people up. When I invite people to eat with me, it's also not usually a problem because I cook for them what I cook for myself and it's delicious.